Top 5 truly wireless earbuds under ₹10K

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We finally got our hands on the famed Nothing Ear (1) and just like clockwork, the review elves at Stuff are working their magic. Just hold on a bit more before our full review is out. In the meantime, we’ve put together a list of TWS, all under ₹10, and possibly the competition that faces Nothing. Some here are even from Carl’s past life at OnePlus.

It is now possible to get a great pair of truly wireless headphones for less than ₹10K but not without some searching. Luckily, we’re here to cut your workload by offering you the needles from this haystack.

The OnePlus Buds Z (₹2999)

Let's start with our conventional consumer. At ₹2999, these are budget-friendly for the 10mm drivers, Dolby Atmos, low latency and IP55 rating. These buds have a bit of heavier sound especially enhanced by the silicone tips that create a seal that makes them feel like they have active noise cancellation. The touch controls and 20hrs of battery life are a bargain for your buck.

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Creative Outlier Air (₹7,499)

These are quite a unique pair. They use a smaller driver of only 5.6mm which is made from graphene. You know, the hardest nano-material! It also really separates itself from the quoted 30hrs of battery life. In the looks department, the nice illuminated rings on the shell and a tight fit make you look like you travelled back from the future.

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Sony WF-XB700 (₹9990)

The buds have a massive 12mm dynamic driver which is the largest of the lot. The snug fit blocks all ambient noise that makes it feel like it has active noise cancelling and it has the largest transducer Sony has fit in TWS earbuds too. You can also expect Sony’s signature extra bass feature which gives these earphones its unique sound that some can’t live without.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (₹9049, Amazon India price)

You may not want to fidget with things and that’s why these may be the best option. The buds are always ready to go. Snap open the case to pair them with your phone and pop them in your ears with ease because they’re comfortable for most people. With the case, you get 22 hours of battery life. This may not have active noise cancelling or an IP rating but the dual drivers, 3 mics and small form factor make this a compelling competitor to the other buds.

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OnePlus Buds (₹4990)

If you like the Apple AirPods Pro, then you will also find the design of the OnePlus Buds appealing. Like the Creative Outlier air, they have a spectacular 30 hr battery life and an IP54 rating so you can take them on long adventures. The buds have algorithms to remove ambient noise to give a more detailed listening experience and low latency that make it great for streaming and gaming too! 

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