Top 5 things to do this Diwali

Stuff’s guide to have a sparkling festive season ahead

Hardly any days left for Diwali now, and if you are looking for things to do, look no further.

Yes, there's less than a fortnight left until the big day, which means you need to get your plans sorted. NOW!

Don't worry: we're here to help by taking the pain and effort out of your seasonal woes. Here you'll find our Top 5 things to do this Diwali, other than your run-of-the-mill tech gadget shopping and turning up for card parties that you have no interest in…


Agreed, you have a hectic social life, but sometimes stepping out every night leading up to Diwali might be a bit difficult. For days and nights like this, forget your dreams of going to Vegas and sign up on Adda52. Give your increasing addiction to the mind sport and bring your skills up to scratch while babysitting your dog at home. This online electronic poker table is the closest you’ll come to playing the real thing without the cards. There are regular tournaments and you don’t have to handle all the dealing nonsense, and the rest is as good as playing a real game. The site currently offers 4 poker variants so you can choose from No Limit Texas Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and Crazy Pineapple at various stakes. Even though you’ll be lacking human company here, don’t forget to keep that poker face straight for when your spouse asks what you were up to all evening.


All year, technology rocks your boat. This time of the year, the indulgence should extend beyond tech as well. From streetwear to runway-good, the multi-designer boutique Curato is the answer to the millennial male's sartorial needs. A charming 1500 sq. ft. space, with a quaint garden outside, the store’s got the right vibe! We get it, you don’t waste much time shopping. With an exclusively curated collection of menswear - clothing, accessories and footwear from revered designers to budding talent across the country, it’s your one-stop-shop for some of the best ready-to-wear. 40 of India’s finest designers; classic Indian wear, edgy formal wear; Indian-wear; androgynous wear; hip athleisure, and trendy casual wear With price points ranging from 1,500 – 50,000, give the video games a rest, dress up and step up your dressing game this Diwali.


So, the Dyson’s wind machine might just be a canny investment, starting at ₹36,900. The Pure Cool offers more than the services of a fan. It’s an all-year-round air purifier that’ll cleanse most airborne nasties in the immediate atmosphere. It does this by automatically sensing particles and gases then capturing 99.95% of them in some sort of Ghostbusters trap, and given this time of the year, you don’t have to be in New Delhi to be choked to death even indoors. It’s a gorgeously contemporary contraption that’s typically Dyson in appearance, and effectively exorcises the house of evil gases. On warmer days, increase airflow in your direction for personal cooling. On cooler days coming ahead, it’s a simple one button operation on the remote to change the airflow direction through side vents for the same levels of purification, without the chills. Use it well and it’ll justify its price tag once you realise that the air especially, indoors is fit to breathe.


You, Asian food lovers! You sushi-loving peeps in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata - to mark their third anniversary, Pa Pa Ya is out with their new menu and - take our word on it - everything tastes as delicious as it looks. Along with some of the old favourites, the new additions like the Yellow Tail Raw Mango Sushi, the Prawn Spinach Roll or the Tenderloin Black Pepper - everything will make you want to come back for more. And if you’re a family of Asian food lovers, then there’s no better way to bond during the festive season than over a table filled with endless rounds of Sushi and Dim sums with damages costing anything over ₹2000.


They say Mumbai’s town area has nothing left. The fun places are now in Bandra or further. The Game, disagrees. It’s a new place that’s opened its doors in Worli’s Atria Mall and brings some really cool games and experiences to the table. The six lane bowling alley is pure eye candy, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Two lanes are “Magic Lanes” which have state-of-the-art LED effects like star trails that follow the ball all the way to the pins when you throw it. It can even wish you a happy birthday with an awesome glowing LED cake. With food and drinks to order and the regular price of 500 for a round, you’ll find yourself bowling away to glory for quite a while while your friends are busy raising the stakes at the cards table. There’s arcade games and other cool stuff like Air Walking, Bungee Football and the Gyro, should you wish to get your head and body spun around this Diwali.