Top 10 announcements from WWDC16

Apple's annual event for its beloved Dev community started today, and here's what Tim Cook got us excited with...

A packed house, the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium was positively buzzing to a good beat, or should I say, Beats radio. More than 7000 fanboys that consisted of media, developers and partners converged to witness how Apple is going to shape the future with this year’s software announcements.

In a very non-Apple tradition, many key apps were made accessible to third-party developers in the spirit of better integration and changing the world together. So what are the Top 10 amongst the many new features across the different platforms? Here's our list...

1. Single sign-on for pay-TV apps

Although not available in India yet, this is a feature worth waiting for. Users will have a simplified way of enjoying pay-TV video channels by using a single sign-on. Starting this October, users only have to sign in once on Apple TV to enjoy immediate access to their favourite video channels that are included as part of their pay-TV subscription.

• Once a user is signed into one network app, any other app on Apple TV from participating pay-TV providers will automatically log the user into all other supported apps requiring authentication.

• During the single sign-on process, customers can view a page of all the authenticated apps that a pay-TV provider offers to more easily discover, download and enjoy all of their favourite video channels.

• Any network-TV app can take advantage of this technology to enable a single sign-on and simplify the process for their viewers.Single sign-on will be available on both Apple TV and iOS.

2. WatchOS 3 performance and navigation enhancements

It is easier and faster than ever to perform common tasks with watchOS 3, including replying to a message, starting a Workout or skipping a song. By pressing the side button, users can access the new Dock with their recent and favourite apps.

Right from the Dock or the watch face, users can launch their favourite native and third-party apps instantly and have the latest information in the app already updated and ready for viewing.

Similar to iOS, users can swipe up from the watch face for the new and improved Control Center, continue to swipe down for Notification Center and swipe left or right to easily switch out a watch face.

3. Siri debuts on the Mac

Siri on the Mac is now just one click away. The familiar features of Siri are now on the Mac with brand-new capabilities specifically designed for the desktop. Easily accessible from the Dock, menu bar or keyboard, Siri lets you use your voice to search for information, find files and send messages. For example, you can ask Siri to locate a specific document you worked on last night, add a meeting to your calendar or start a FaceTime call.

With Siri on the Mac, you can also drag and drop items from Siri search results into your documents or emails, pin Siri search results in the Notification Center to keep an eye on information like sports scores or stock prices, and even adjust system preferences, set reminders and search your Photos library.

4. Auto Unlock for Mac

Auto Unlock lets you simply walk up to your Mac while wearing your authenticated Apple Watch and be automatically logged into your desktop. No more entering and fumbling with your password every time you wake up a sleeping MacBook!