The time of the smartbulb is here

Superlative blend of modern technology with one of mankind’s greatest inventions ever

Having a genuine light bulb moment might be easy for Gru while he's addressing his minions but it remains elusive for most.

Cube 26, a tech innovation company works in various spaces but the Iota Lite is its first foray into the personal illumination space. Yes, we just coined that term and it seems to fit this product like Rocky fits Sly Stallone.

Power. Wi-Fi. Bluetooth. Let there be light!

At a fraction of the cost of a Philips Hue system, the individual Iota Lite bulb can give you lighting smarts through your phone. Working on Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy, it doesn't need Wi-Fi to work which is all for the better since it only requires your phone to function, not a router. Using a Texas Instruments microprocessor and a Toshiba LED element, it outputs 7W with 500 lumens of brightness. That's enough to get you through Tolkien without a cataract.

What's in the app?

A lot. The customary colour wheel lets you select virtually any shade of RGB. The reading mode bathes your desk in a natural shade of white light which is much easier on the eyes than the ageing tube-light you were using until yesterday. Effects like Candle Flicker, Strobe, Kaleidoscope and Shake offer rather cool options to show off your new party trick.  

Available for both iOS and Android, albeit with slightly different functionality for either, it's unanimously simple to find and connect to a nearby Iota Lite. Detection is quick and the connection stable. The Bluetooth range is about 15mts, so don't leave it on Strobe-mode and venture too far if you have epileptic friends!

That doesn't rock my boat. What else?

If you really want to generate some oohs and aahs at the houseparty,  use the call and SMS alert function that will notify you via a flash. It'll get tired rapidly but hey, no bulb ever was designed to take a phone call. If you are adventurous enough to download a partner app, you can even set it to sync with your music but that can be a hit or miss, depending on the kind of party you're having.

Worthy of your electricity

Cooler, more power efficient and offering fingertip control couldn't be bad at all and it isn't. The Iota Lite is designed by people who actually used it before putting it out there and it shows. Priced at ₹1899, this is a brilliant concept that is bound to become the rage sooner than later.