Things to do this October

Stuff’s guide to have a sparkling festive season ahead

Long weekend’s up ahead, kids going to break for Diwali soon if you don’t have grand vacation plans, worry not! 

We ‘ve got a list right here to make staying home fun. Things you can do without having to cross city limits. Whether you like being out with the fam or chilling at home, there’s enough stuff on our list to make your get your money’s worth. 


Finish reading fast and start sorting your month out now… 


Watch this – Joker (tickets from ₹250)

If Heath Ledger made a lasting impression with his version of the anti-hero, then Joaquin Phoenix has proved himself worthy of the challenge of making the Joker a person, a real person you’d wanna empathise and sympathise with. This Diwali, if you’re not one to be playing cards, put your money and watch Joker (A) at the theatre. Everyone has a backstory, and so does Arthur Fleck. A villian you feel for, but in essence, a story that lays the groundwork for the character we’ve all been loving to hate all these years. Director Todd Phillips has done justice to the lone soul who’s alone, even in a crowd. Who tries hard to blend in, but is bullied and eventually discarded by the so-called civilised society. We won’t say Joaquin Phoenix has surpasses Heath Ledger, but he surely has delivered a profound performance worthy of every praise coming his way.