These modern-day Indian comic books are worth a read

Add a bit of Desi flavor to your comic book addiction

We give you a lowdown on the current scene in Indian comics, names you may not have heard of until now.

If you’ve grown up in India, Suppandi, Kaalia the crow, Shikari Shambu and Raja Bhoja are already your childhood buddies and Tinkle, Panchatantra and Amar Chitra Katha are names

that swoosh you down the nostalgia lane. And if you’re a lover of western comics, then Marvel and DC still rock your world. Regular stuff.

So what’s the current scene with Indian comics, you ask? Have they faded away? Possibly nudged out of the way by TV shows and animated movies? No. There’s a lot happening on the home front. We’ve rounded up some of the most exciting Indian comics in the market –art forms that keep the essence of Indian storytelling intact, and how.

Yes, they’re inspired by western comics, yet stay true to the Indian ethos, as you’ll see when you read below. From Gods to superheroes to gun-blazing crazies to babas, here is the perfect set of comics to add a little spice to your collection.


The demons

Aghori (880- Origins box set of 10 issues): A man circling for redemption from that one ill-fated night that changed his life forever. He wants to save his child from the evil grip that’s seeking to doom us all, but will he be able to put behind the horror that he had committed? Only his path as an Aghori baba will reveal the truth.

Ravanayan (1025 - box set of 8 issues): He was never all that bad, He never chose to be evil. He was chosen. Chosen by the Gods to maintain the balance of good and evil. To be a symbol of fear and disdain so that your Gods could have something to prove. Something to defeat. Flip to the other side of the coin to understand what it means to be a necessary evil.

Shaitaan (812 - Toy Soldiers box set): They came in hunting for extremists, but got a bloody welcome from shaitaans. They’re still unable to process the possibility of how such demented creatures could come to be. They must fight tooth and nail to keep themselves from being someone else’s dinner.


The protectors

Rakshak (350): He was once a celebrated war hero. He dedicated his life to serve his country but now he has been reduced to a simple civilian, surrounded by scumbags and criminals trying to taint the very city he lives in. He may be a retired military man, but he still got a whole lot of fight left in him. His name is Captain Aditya Shergill and this is his superhero story.

Kaal (220): Lord Garuda, now in charge of the underworld (Naraka), wants to be fair in his judgement of dealing with a unique soul whose virtue and sins are perfectly equal. Hence, he reincarnates the soul as both – man and yamdoot. Giving birth Kaal! He protects the physical and the spiritual realm from evil. But is he a protector? Or simply a pawn in a bigger battle to come?

Shivaay (99): He is a mountaineer, an adventurer of sorts, you could say. But that doesn’t mean he uses only his body to conquer mountains. It involves brain games as well. Ajay Devgan’s first comic book will give you a sneak-peek into the world of exploration and the difficulties he faces during his expeditions.

Adhish (from 160): When the tentacles of evil surrounded humanity, he overcame every fear and fought against it. Now he will unmask the mysteries of mankind as he burns one of the greatest monsters in history. He’s the fiery protector, Adhish!

So you see, the comic book scene in India is very much alive, thanks to the great artists and storytellers. You can get these comics from their websites or simple catch hold of them when they set up shop during Comic Con.