Techie TLC for your home

Jarvis? Not quite, but you might come close

You're covered from head to toe in the latest of tech, regulating your life through apps and personal devices, but what about your home?

Doesn't it deserve some love and attention too? Here are eight techie treats for your humble abode that are worthy of a not-so-humble brag.

1. Axis A8004-VE Network Video Door Station (₹tba | axis.com)

The doorbell’s rung, it’s raining cats and dogs outside and your peephole’s all fogged up. What do you do? Yes, it might be that pizza you’re salivating for, but we do hope Crime Patrol has taught you a thing or two about opening doors without checking. But what Crime Patrol hasn’t taught you, we bet, is that you can check on your visitors without moving off your couch, thanks to the Axis A8004-VE Network Video Door Station.

The door station makes it possible to identify and communicate with visitors as well as enable remote entry control from an IP-desk phone, a mobile device or directly in a Video Management System (VMS). The inbuilt intercom provides clear, echo-free two-way speech so you don’t have to keep repeating stuff, and an integrated HDTV camera with WDR and excellent low-light performance so you can identify your visitors at sight, whether you’re on your couch or holidaying by the beach.

2. Tata Sky+ Transfer HD (₹9,300 | tatasky.com)

Got your favourite show recorded but hardly find time to sink into bed and watch it? If watching your TV shows at home, recorded or otherwise, is a rare luxury, Tata Sky’s new set top box will fit right into your busy lifestyle.

The Tata Sky+ Transfer HD allows you to transfer or stream your recorded shows directly on your Android or iOS device via Wi-FI. You can even record your shows on the go – simply use the Internet Recording feature on mytatasky.com or the Tata Sky Mobile App, and you’re set. There’s a rather smart Series Link feature to ensure that repeat telecasts are skipped. You don’t need to worry about coming across spoilers anymore; you can be the one putting them out. (Word of advice: Don’t)

3. LG 55EG960T (₹3,59,900 | lg.com/in)

If you’re paying huge money for a television, you might as well get one that does your bidding with the least amount of input. The aptly named Magic Remote of the LG 55EG960T has shortcut buttons, a scrolling wheel and a gyroscope to control the on-screen cursor. You can point-and-click, or simply play Master and voice your wishes.

Yes, talk to the Magic Remote, and it’ll obey. Say “Switch to Star Sports” and viola! You’ll have men bleeding blue all over your screen. It also allows you to control and access your set-top box, speakers, BDP and satellite TV. And what about the television itself? Here's our review.


4. Mi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker (₹tba | mi.com)

Get nostalgic over the whistle of a good ol’ steel pressure cooker? We do too, but nothing beats a pot of warm, steaming rice the minute you walk into your house. The Mi induction heating pressure rice cooker, apart from being quite a mouthful, is also a Wi-Fi enabled smart gadget that can be controlled via the Mi Home app.

Okay, sit down and pay attention now. You can:

1)    Scan your pack of rice to identify the type of rice, brand and origin, based on which the cooker will set the heating methodology. It currently supports more than 200 brands of rice and this will be expanded in the future.

2)    You can also set your personal preferences, as per your grandma's recipe, within the app.

3)    The app also has other recipes you can try, including brown rice, crispy rice and cakes. No, you do not have to figure out the methods for cooking these – simply set it through the app, which currently supports 2450 heating methods.

Still nostalgic? We’re sure there’s an app for good ol’ steel pressure cooker whistles.