Take a look at some cool gadgets Sony might launch in India

Eclectic collection shows off design chops (and eccentricities)

Sony’s ‘Power of the Wow’ annual conference saw the home entertainment giant showcase a range of gear which just might make it to store shelves in India

Cynical about new tech? Jaded by phones that all look the same?  Don't be such a grouch 'cos we have some good news. Well, we just got a look at some new Sony kit that might make its way to India, and it'll really gladden your heart to know it's not your usual, run-of-the-mill tech... Like what you see? Then go make a few placards and join us in telling Sony they'd better launch this stuff right away!

FES Watch

Most smartwatches tend to be as stylish as a discount raincoat made of shiny plastic. Which is to say, not much. And Sony seems to agree, 'cos they've taken a whole new approach to the FES Watch - it's not smart, you won't be yelling into it to call an Uber,  and it won't read out your texts, but with an e-ink face and strap,  it looks suitably stylish.

Call us hipsters, but we love this 'futuristic minimalism'!

LSPX-P1 ultra-short throw portable projector

Stuck at home on a rainy day? Fire up this ultra-short throw projector and  let it create a window to a sunny day right on your bedroom wall. Even better, it's ultra-portable so you can easily take it along on vacations - stream movies over Bluetooth to the projector and turn any tabletop or wall into your personal cinema.

Yup, it might seem like a toy, but we sure hope we find this in our stockings come Christmas!

LED bulb speaker

This is for people whose bedrooms are packed to the brim with knick-knacks and vacation mementoes - leaving no space for even a small set of speakers. You see, Sony has managed to develop a LED bulb that leaves a minimal shadow, and then they've shoehorned a Bluetooth speaker right in the centre.

You know where we're going with this - swap out the bulbs in your bedside lamps ASAP!