Surf's Up: Mercedes GLE 450 AMG

We took the GLE 450 AMG for an adventure... On second thought, it’s the Merc that took us!

A serene morning with strong gusts of wind, the whispering of palm trees and the Indian Ocean crashing into the Bay of Bengal.

The only thing missing was the sense-shattering exhaust note of the Mercedes GLE 450 AMG Coupé. So we took one along, and invited an RC plane to chase us. Just for kicks…



The blind date

As we leaned back in the cab from Madurai airport, a sense of peace enveloped us. We were heading to the very tip of our sub-continent, where India is a mere 30km away from Sri Lanka. A place infused with mythological significance – it's believed to be the point at which Lord Rama himself set foot and built a bridge across to rescue Sita. We have to admit, we were overwhelmed. Would we anger the gods? For we were heading to the exact spot to drive a 250kmph beast bent on kicking up sand and water. Lots of it.


With a heel-to-the-steel ride accompanied by a devilish laugh, the AMG stole our hearts, and the Extra 330SC was a proper spectacle to watch too. After a fun time spent with these monsters, we couldn’t help but notice that we somewhat managed to pull an event from the Forza Horizon 3 game and embed it into real life.