Stuff's MWC 2018 photo diary

Join us for an inside tour of Barcelona's bonkers phone festival...

Every year, Barcelona hosts what is effectively Glastonbury and Christmas combined for smartphone fans: Mobile World Congress.

Although there weren't any huge surprises from the big tech companies at MWC 2018, there was still plenty of weird stuff that had us raising eyebrows as if we were rehearsing for that 2009 Cadbury's commercial. Like the Taiwanese company who call themselves 'Jazz Hipster', or the rows of gaspingly flamboyant installations.  

The show is a beehive of lanyard-clad business people and tech companies uniting from all corners of the world to navigate the disorientating labyrinth of Barelona's Fira. There were even 'crowd management' supervisors with giant megaphones sitting atop ladders and barking 'One at a time on the slide!' 

Luckily, we resisted the slide and negotiated the gadget maze to bring you this – our photo diary of MWC 2018...

DAY 1, 2 and 3

HTC Vive Tracker virtual shoot-out / Photo: Natalya Paul

5 a day of the future / Photo: Natalya Paul

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana phone... / Photo: Natalya Paul

Tracking calorie burn on a ski-themed stepper / Photo: Natalya Paul

Chande-leering / Photo: Natalya Paul

Sony's Xperia XZ2 HDR extravaganza / Photo: Natalya Paul

Better your selfie by including a 5G humanoid assistant robot (by NS Solutions and NTT Docomo) / Photo: Natalya Paul

Congratulations! Nokia had quintuplets / Photo: Natalya Paul

Nice backhand; he'll never return that... / Photo: Natalya Paul

"Want me to walk you through my sleep data?" / Photo: Natalya Paul

High-tech, high drama security phone from Katim / Photo: Natalya Paul

Exhibitionist exhibitors / Photo: Natalya Paul

Big name on campus / Photo: Natalya Paul

They don't want to take over, they just want to make rainbow Ballpoint pens / Photo: Natalya Paul

That's a rap / Photo: Natalya Paul