Stuff's Last-minute Splurge Guide

Here are a few exciting gifts you can quickly buy for yourself, before they become oh-so-2015

It’s the end of the year.

Got some money left in the self-indulgence kitty? Lucky you. For you, precious friend, we've engaged in a feisty round of plum cake-fueled bickering to pick the 10 awesome presents of 2015 for yourself, or your friends and family (or even us).

Anki Overdrive (₹16,698)

If there’s one thing better than wrapping paper strewn everywhere on the Christmas Day, it’s having little Lewis Hamiltons building bonkers circuits round your feet.

Scalextric for the smartphone generation, Anki is a modular track of straights and right-angles, which robotic supercars learn and race.

Compatible with both iOS and Android, players control the speed and lane choice, while the cars handle the corners - and each has unique attributes to be used in Battle mode, melding virtual with reality right on your living room floor.

Buy the Anki Overdrive here

Osmo (from ₹5499)

The deceptively simple but unbelievably addictive Osmo platform will have your kids enthralled for hours, and learning as they go.

Slot your iPad into the stand and slip the Osmo Reflector over its front camera and you’ve got yourself an endlessly interactive puzzle peripheral.

The Osmo app intelligently recognises the real-world shapes, letters, numbers and drawings you can make and play with as part of the kit, in a seamless educational blend of physical and digital, for you and your kids.

Buy Osmo here

Drop Scale (₹12,745)

Think the best part of cooking is in the consumption? Think again, you eager eater: slice some smarts into the souffle with this connected scale and its partner app.

Bringing cookalong kit into the 21st Century, Dropscale is an iPad-compatible wireless weighing whizz that guides you on your culinary adventures right as measure the mix.

Best of all, the capacitive touch button on the silicon scale itself means no need to tap your sticky digits all over your tablet. Delicious.

Buy the Drop Scale here

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless (₹49,600)

The gift for the person you really, truly love, these cans combine the subtly sexy looks of the Momentum range with tech-tastic, audiophile-pleasing aptX Bluetooth in a real best of both worlds scenario. That means you look all trendy, your music sounds better than ever, and you’re not tethered to your smartphone.

The batteries last for 22 hours, too, which you have to hope covers every imaginable commute.

Buy Sennheiser Momentum Wireless here

Teenage Engineering Pocket Synths (₹8759)

There’s a lead synth, a bass synth and a drum machine. The bass one is the best, because it’s got a picture of a submarine on it, but they all offer the same unique combination of dinky lo-fi looks – like the flimsiest calculator you ever tried to smuggle into a maths exam – and wild, highly tweakable sounds.

You’ll need two AAA batteries and, ideally, a beard.

Buy Teenage Engineering Pocket Synths here