Stuff X-ray: Carl Pei

We poked the brain of OnePlus Co-Founder to spill secrets about the OnePlus and McLaren collaboration

What are the other elements that caught your attention, apart from the speed?

We have managed to attract a group of really tech-savvy enthusiastic buyers who also love to recommend the product to their family and friends. I think we connected with them on factors such as build quality and materials such as carbon-fibre, which is synonymous with speed. Both McLaren and OnePlus are brands that are a niche in their own categories. They are for pure enthusiasts and not for everyone and that’s what I personally, really connected with.

Going ahead, will OnePlus look at more special editions?

Not necessarily. With the announcement of the McLaren partnership for the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, we also said that it’s a long-term collaboration. So we’re still working on the road map together on what that could be. On a more macro level, I think smartphones are actually becoming more and more similar.  I think smartphones are becoming a way for people to express themselves. It’s something they use every day. It tells the world who they are and I do think there is more space to explore how we could enable that self-expression through more limited-edition models.