Stuff Picks: Star Wars

Darth Vader Toaster (₹9154)

There are two ways of looking at this. One, it’s an expression of hardcore Star Wars fandom – the kind that’s not limited to a back room you’re slightly embarrassed about, but sits proudly at the very heart of your home. Or two, it’s the perfect piece of merchandise for people who aren’t even into over-hyped sci-fi flicks, because it qualifies as kitsch and actually does something useful: namely, makes real, edible toast. For those of you who fall into the former camp, you'll be delighted to hear that it also burns the Star Wars logo into every slice of toast you make, and rather than having a dial marked from 1 to 5 you select between Dark Side and Light Side. Lovely stuff.

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OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition (₹38,999 for 128GB)

The OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition phone looks mightier than the First Order. Hardcore fans have to have this planet Crait-inspired design that lends authenticity and character to a device otherwise used purely for its functionality.  The software too, comes with its own brand of Star Wars - from the design inspired by the salty plains of planet Crait, the textured feel of the back panel and a set of ten theme wallpapers, along with 8GB RAM, 128GB storage - that come in a special gift box to complete the experience. Throw in the Kylo Ren-inspired case for a super-grip. The signature OnePlus alert slider gives you the added Star Wars lightsaber feel in a sinister shade of Crimson.

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HP 15-AN003TX 15.6-inch Laptop Black (₹72,865)

Fans of the epic saga, give your inner Jedi a post-Christmas treat and be the envy-of-all. This HP is the first in the Marvel series treat and has been around since its release in 2015. Cuto to 2018, and we’d happily consider a serious transaction with the devil to get our hands on one, coz the limited edition model is only available on select platforms. The 15.6in screen and the gunmetal black body will make it worthwhile to make Satan sit around in the waiting room while you drool over this thing of beauty. A cheap replica this is not. With its detailed surface, the designers have made sure it gives you some serious Star Wars goals. Make sure this lappie is within the orbit of a plug socket, as the gamer’s version has a battery life of only 5 hours. 

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Star Wars: The Complete Saga (₹5999)

Even Netflix and chill can’t match up to the satisfaction binge-watching an entire series of your favourite franchise offers. It’s going to be an endless pandemonium of the Evil Trade Federation, Jedi’s romance, Skywalker’s revenge, the Clone Wars, rebels of the Empire, and finally the conclusion with Episode V. We can’t think of a better start to 2018. The Last Jedi is yet to make its way to Blu-ray but the first viewing of that was anyway meant for the big screen. We shall make our peace with the rest of the set for now and ensure peace prevails in our galaxy. You’ll need to be equipped with systems capable of delivering the digital sound of the galaxy that’s mastered for the Blu-ray version. The added tenderloin to your extra large cheeseburger - these special features are a treat for followers of the galaxy far, far away. 

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