Stuff Picks: Space-Inspired Tech

You’ll be over the moon with all of them

50 years ago, the Saturn V launched from Kennedy Space Center, carrying three people whose names would forever be etched in the historical record: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin. 

Four days later, Armstrong and Aldrin would walk on the lunar surface.

Most recently, India’s own attempt at conquering the lunar surface has brought the nation together like only an India-Pak cricket match can. Chandrayaan-2 is our success story and we’re proud to own it. 

In other news, growing up on a healthy dose of science fiction movies has given unrealistic hopes – that of everyone getting a chance to bound about up there – or even nip off to Mars for a weekend break. Though that’s still far into the future, these days, we remain resolutely rooted to Earth. You can still celebrate humanity’s amazing achievement, by way of this selection of superb goodies...