Stoked about Pokémon Go?

We’ve got some PokéStuff for you…

If you haven’t heard about Pokémon Go yet, you’ve probably been living under a bush.

And if you’ve been living under a bush, chances are you’re rubbing shoulders with a Doduo – the two-headed, bipedal avian Pokémon. The game has officially arrived at our shores and here’s a list of stuff you can get and stay prepared, you hipster fanboy, you!

Laptop skin: ₹199 (special offer) |

That signature Pokémon bright yellow might look good on an umbrella or a Ford Mustang (okay, kidding), but won’t really be as appealing to a client sitting across you at a business meet. If you’re a professional, this dark laptop skin fits the bill perfectly with its mix of subdued energy. (Okay, we’re kidding again – get it because it looks cool, yeah?).

Get it here

Phone case: ₹1,085 (special offer) |

Your phone case can speak volumes about you and can well be used as bragging points. Only, in this case, this here is an iPhone cover and at time of writing this, iPhone users in India are crying into their pillows, courtesy a certain APK file. Got a OnePlus Two? There’s one for you here at 599, dear Androidian. What’s your Pokédex looking like right now?  

Boxer shorts: ₹399 |

Because why not? Them Pokéthings have a nasty habit of appearing in strange places if you’ve got your AR mode switched on. For all you know, these boxers might just work as a lure – if not for the Pokéthings, then at least for the Pokéfans. And some extra Pokéballs wouldn’t really hurt, now would they?

Get them here.

T-shirt: ₹599 |

Boxers too blase for you? Then get a tee. “A pure treat for the Pokémon fan who knows that these seemingly cute creatures with unstoppable force make Ash, the one true Pokémon master” states the product description, so be prepared with a witty repartee or, alternatively, good running shoes, for every time an over-zealous Pokéfan asks you for an explanation.

Get it here

Mug (and Coasters): from ₹299 |

Want to proclaim your Pokémonship very, very subtly? Well, it doesn’t get subtler than a mug and some coasters, does it? If we were you, though, we’d opt for the Smokemon Pokemon instead – it’s funnier and also much easier to relate to than the bouncy-smiley original.

Pokémon: Essential Handbook: ₹690 |

If the nerd in you simply has to know everything there is to know about every Pokémon ever, then this handbook is for you. Mind you, not all of these 700+ appear in Pokémon Go right now. This is purely for your PokéNerdship.