Pocket Spielbergs: the 12 best video editing apps for mobile

Turn your home movie clips into Cannes-worthy mini-epics with a few simple swipes

No-one wants to watch that 30-minute video of your cat being mildly amusing, and even that minute-long clip of a drunken friend falling off of a chair is too long. But cut out the boring bits, drop in some transitions and add a soundtrack, and you’ve got social media gold. Possibly.

So whether you’re a budding Hollywood director armed with a smartphone, or just someone who wants to make an Instagram clip look more Instagrammy, grab one of these editors and get cracking on your masterpiece. After all, you’ve only another 29-and-a-half minutes to chop out!



Considered a benchmark release on iOS, and impressively similar to the Mac desktop version, iMovie should be on every iOS device. The app makes it ridiculously easy to splice together shot footage, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

You can also use it to add titles, music, voiceovers and photos to your work of art - and if you want to cheese it up, take your pick from a bunch of TV-style templates and movie trailer themes. With the latest Apple kit, it’ll even deal with 4K.

Download iMovie for iOS (₹300)


Android often ends up second-best when it comes to creative fare, but that’s not the case with video. PowerDirector in many ways echoes iMovie, providing a user-friendly but powerful editor.

Clips can quickly be arranged and trimmed, titles can be added, and you get a decent set of transitions to experiment with. Pay the one-off IAP to rid your movies of watermarks and export at up to 1080p.

Download PowerDirector for Android (free + IAP)


While iMovie is great at what it does, it’s ultimately geared towards casual use. If you want to take things to the next level, try LumaFusion.

Designed for efficiency, and aimed at mobile journalists and filmmakers, the app includes multi-track editing with realtime preview, superb (and occasionally bonkers) animation, effects and transitions, and a powerful titler.

It’s the closest you’ll get to desktop-style video-editing app on your iPad or iPhone.

Download LumaFusion for iOS (1,599)


One of the most impressive things about this Android video editor is that it’s so simple to use even on quite a small smartphone. It uses screen space remarkably well, making it a cinch to arrange your clips, add additional layers (captions, images, and even ‘handwriting’), quickly import extra footage, and play around with effects.

It’s just a pity the developer saddled it with a restrictive subscription payment model rather than a one-off cost.

Download KineMaster for Android (free + IAP)


When originally released, Vue decided you should get precisely six seconds of fame, through a three-shot montage that you could filter and adjust with all manner of sliders and buttons.

The app’s now a mite more flexible: you can import existing video, and movies can last up to 180 seconds (although it prefers ten second miniature masterpieces split between four clips).

This makes it a great editor for people who want a razor-sharp, super-short video with tight transitions, effects, and carefully tweaked levels.

Download Vue for Android (free)

Download Vue for iOS (free)