Playing away: the best Android, iPhone and iPad travel games for any journey

Going on your hols? Keep yourself occupied with these great games, whether you’re in a taxi, airport queue, plane or hotel.

Holidays are great, apart from the boring bits like tootling along a highway to the airport, standing in the slowest queue in the world while waiting to board, hours on a plane where entertainment comes from the middle two-thirds of fairly recent movies on screens the size of postage stamps.

But then — hurrah! — paradise. Until ALL OF THE RAIN arrives, consigning you to a hotel. Never fear, because amazing games will see you through all of these rough bits. Our selection includes modern hits and mobile classics, none of which require data — handy when hurtling through the air in a tin can at 40,000 feet.

In the taxi...

Shortish games to play while a determined driver weaves between traffic on the M25 while growling in a vaguely scary manner…

Power Hover

Oddrok’s gorgeous arcade game of short, choreographed levels and regular surprises finds a hoverboarding robot scything across minimal landscapes in a desolate yet gorgeous world.

The sun-kissed deserts and vibrant blue seas may even put you in mind of your final destination — although it’s unlikely to be infested with laser meshes and huge spider mechanoids stomping about. (If they do, we suggest writing a stern letter to your travel agent.)

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Super Stickman Golf 3

This side-on ball-thwacker is a far cry from sedate greens and whispered commentary. Here, tiny golfers belt balls around larger-than-life courses such as giant trees, moon bases decidedly lacking in gravity and strange metal contraptions with lasers wheeling about the place.

The speedy nine-hole courses are perfect for dipping in and out of on a journey to the airport — and beyond.

Download Super Stickman Golf 3 for Android

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Lara Croft: GO

Lara Croft: GO distills Tomb Raider’s essence into a visually stunning puzzler. It shouldn’t work, but it does, and has moments of isolation and tension that rival any of Croft’s other outings.

And the bite-sized, turn-based nature of the puzzles means you won’t mess up a delicate moment if you’re halfway through a tricky manoeuvre when turfed out on to the tarmac.

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The classic: Forget-Me-Not

A near-perfect arcade game that mashes up Pac-Man, Rogue, Wizard of Wor and other classics. Eat flowers. Shoot monsters. Grab keys. Survive. Escape. Loads of modes exist to suit many gaming durations.

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