No sneaking snacks when you're stood in front of this smart mirror

Getting Naked will help you slim down and bulk up

What's all this about being naked? 

Not naked, Naked. As great as we're sure you look in the buff, we're actually talking about a set of bathroom scales and a mirror with a difference. 

Most people find it impossible to track their expercise or weight loss progress with visits to the scales or frequent (and in our case depressing) glances in the mirror. It’s unscientific. And demoralising.

This smarthome setup from the aply named Naked Labs wants to provide a more accurate method of keeping tabs on love handles, or reassuring you all those reps are actually getting you ripped.

Okay, so I don't have to be naked. Shame. What does it do exactly?

Naked scans you head-to-toe in 3D, so you can track your body metrics in ultra-fine detail.

Stand on the scales, which are set in front of the mirror. It then spins you round (right round) as sets of infrared scanners in the mirror track your body's every contour and generate a heat image.

Naturally the scales calculate your weight while they're taking you for a spin, too.

Why is this better than my regular scales, then?

Because it senses your exact volume, as well as weight and body heat, Naked can give you motivating visual insights.

It’s actually possible to track muscle growth as well as fat loss (or in our case, gain) across different body parts.

If you’ve been putting extra work into those bicep curls, Naked will tell you how much closer you are to achieving Popeye's sleeve-splitting bumps... or squeezing into that smaller dress size after skipping all those desserts.

Does the mirror tell me my weight, Tomorrow's World-style?

Unfortunately not: you've got to hook both mirror and scales up to an app to get your vital statistics. You'll be able to see all the info the kit has collected.

It's one more thing to do, but Naked Labs is promising a lot of useful functionality here.

You'll be able to create a time-lapse of your progress, showing how your legs, bums, and tums have improved (or succumbed to the will of gravity) over time. 

The kit looks slim, slimmer than me. I'm jealous of a mirror. 

That's just... strange. The complete kit does looks fairly elegant, though, and has some neat design features. Slide the base under the mirror and it charges wirelessly, and its supports at the back to ensure a correct viewing angle.

Okay, when can this magic mirror be mine?

Naked is still in development, but is set to launch in the US, UK, and a handful of European countries in March 2017.