Nissan Leaf: Be leaf in the future

Trust a brand that makes the best-selling EV in the world to know a thing or two about the future of auto.

The vehicle in question is the first-gen Nissan Leaf with a formidable 300,000 units sold to date since its inception in 2010. Going full throttle on its ‘Intelligent Mobility’ mission, Nissan invited us over to sample its all-new Leaf. Spoiler alert: when Leaf tech met traffic, tears of joy were shed. And if that doesn’t excite you, wait till you see what’s in store for the road that lies ahead. Buckle up and prepare to be electrified!

Giving the first generation of its battery-powered hatchback a good zapping, Nissan’s stuffed the Leaf 2 full of nifty tricks and economical improvements - all in an effortto make it your e-runaround of choice. Want all the details? Good news: we charged our cells and hopped over to the US to drive the Nissan Leaf 2018.



Vegas, it turns out, is quite a long way from Bombay. Roughly a full day by plane, in fact. That’s a long way to go just to drive a new hatchback. Especially as you could find plenty down the local supermarket car park. Good thing, then, that this hatchback is no ordinary urban runaround. No, this is the new Nissan Leaf - and it might just be your next car. Or so you’ll wish. Don’t believe me? Here are some headline stats: 148bhp all-electric drivetrain. 370km range. 430l boot. I did spend

a good long time ogling the thing, clambering around in its seats, and generally prodding all of its buttons. And eventually sat behind the wheel as it cruised along the highway steering itself. It’s like the car of tomorrow, today.


On two accounts alone, this new Leaf is an EV game-changer: e-Pedal and ProPilot. If the masses get a taste of the car’s capturing comfort while driving, they’ll be hooked. I know I am.



A mind-controlled car? Now you’re speaking my language. Ambitious, yes. Accurate? That you aren’t, we’re afraid. Interesting idea, but the skullcap you see measures brain activity. Nissan’s built the whole setup to train its AI to pre-emptively brake / turn a fraction of a second before you do to make the process near effortless. Rather than just make driving autonomous, the car manufacturer wants to make driving as enjoyable an experience as possible. Music to anyone’s ears who’s been driving in our godforsaken cities. No mind-reading? No autonomy. No thanks! Come back to me when you’ve figured it out.

Make no mistake, full autonomy is a dream on its own. Think of B2V (Brain-to-vehicle) as a bridge between where we currently are, and where we’d like to be. Technological assists that’ll help you drive easier? Come on, even you can’t deny its allure.

It’ll even pick up and evaluate driver discomfort and change driving configuration/style in autonomous mode. Hypothetically, the system could use augmented reality to create the most relaxing environment possible inside the cabin. You know you want it. We sure do.