New on Netflix India

Our pick of the fresh TV shows and movies on the nation's favourite streaming service, updated for August 2019

You know how new DVDs and Blu-rays always come out on a Monday? Netflix laughs in the face of such regimented scheduling and instead releases all of its new TV shows and movies whenever the heck it feels like it.

That can make keeping track of all of the new stuff a first-world nightmare of epic proportions. But help is at hand: here we highlight all of the best new stuff on Netflix. And yes, that does mean we've left out all of the rubbish (I'm looking at you, Frontier). So with no further ado, allow us to guide you, truffle pig-like, to the finest and freshest streaming fungus.

Note: the newest stuff is at the top of the list, with subsequent pages showing the shows and movies we added previously

Sacred game (S2)

It’s India’s first Netflix ‘original’ series, starring Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte and directed by all-time favourite Anurag Kashyap. Sold? Okay but let us tell more. It's based on a best-selling novel (Sacred Games) by Vikram Chandra, and a theme set in Mumbai, India. Inspired by the classics of 19th century fiction, Sacred Games portrays the filth, crime, politics and sin in Mumbai or India in general. We’d not really call it a ‘web-series’ but it's more like a movie stretched out to eight episodes. The genre is crime/thriller and it's going to be on Netflix globally, in 20 languages. But what makes it so special is the cast and its ‘original’ Netflix tag.

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More Archer! Yes, the world’s smoothest, sarkiest and most self-obsessed spy has returned to Netflix for the animated show’s 10th (and possibly final) series – a sci-fi spin-off set in an alternative futuristic universe from the original series but retaining the same fantastic voice cast.

This nine-episode season, dubbed “Archer 1999”, is supposedly taking place inside the head of our titular hero, who went into a coma at the end of season seven. In his dream, Archer has cast himself as the captain of star-hopping salvage vessel, but don’t worry: the same brand of irreverent, fast-paced humour hasn’t changed.

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If Mindhunter doesn’t quite scratch your crime itch this documentary series, a collection of interviews with murderers on death row, should do the trick. As much an exploration of the US penal system as it is an examination of the killers themselves, it’s unlikely to leave you with a neutral opinion on how America dispenses justice.

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Based on the real-life work of the FBI team who formed the agency’s Behavioural Science Unit and coined the term “serial killer”, Mindhunter is a curious series. Strongly resisting the police procedural path, it’s not particularly plot-driven, being more concerned with creating interesting characters and exploring interesting themes surround psychology, deviance and extreme anti-social behaviour.

All of which makes it one of the most compelling Netflix originals, in our opinion – and now it’s back for a second season in which agents Tench and Ford conduct interviews with notorious criminals like Charles Manson and David Berkowitz, and use their theories to assist Atlanta’s police department with a particularly troubling series of killings.

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Eminem proved himself a more than capable lead actor in this gritty 2002 drama, inspired by the rapper’s own upbringing in a Detroit trailer park. Essentially a hip-hop twist on Rocky8 Mile follows wannabe rapper B-Rabbit as he attempts to make a name for himself in the city’s rap battle scene, all the while dealing with his alcoholic mother (Kim Basinger) and her abusive boyfriend (Michael Shannon).

8 Mile stands out from typical “pop star movies” because it feels less like a vehicle for marketing and more like an actual movie – perhaps because it was directed by the late Curtis Hanson, who had already proven himself an Academy Award winner with the screenplay for L.A. Confidential. Hanson’s assured direction ensures that non-fans of Eminem and even non-fans of hip hop will find plenty to keep them enthralled.

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