My Gadget Life - Wes Brown

United’s treble winner discusses his life outside of football

Since the time I’ve won the treble there’s been a steady shift in technology… I think the way I use my mobile phone has changed completely. It's become a personal assistant for most people. Although I don’t really miss any gadgets back from the late 2000s ‘cos everything’s only got better, I do remember enjoying a handheld console game. It was PS… Nintendo… something, something, no, not Gameboy. Well, I don't remember exactly but it was great fun.

Technology and social media have brought Old Trafford closer to its fans around the world... we put a lot of hours on social media about this event (Uber Destination United) and people have turned up because of that. When I first started football you wouldn’t be able to do that, it would’ve been an email or word of mouth, so gradually the technology side has gotten really good.

Even the physio stuff... from when I was at Man United, with the new gym equipments and the facilities in the training ground they can now monitor a lot more from just going on an exercise bike. The scanners help detect which ankle is weaker or which knee needs to get stronger, so they can help prevent injuries as well.

Coming back to social media… Instagram is what I use mostly. I’ve barely started four-five months ago, I am a beginner but I’ve made a liking. I’ve not got Facebook, I’ve got Twitter and Snapchat. I normally use Instagram, it’s a lot easy to talk to friends too, I speak to many of my friends on Instagram. It’s easy, you don’t need to get their numbers. My kids text me through Snapchat, it’s good. I even know what they’re up to when I am not able to call them.

I don’t listen to alot of music... only when I am flying somewhere. That too on Deezer.

My favourite… shoes are the ones I’ve got on right now, these Adidas (UltraBOOST Laceless) are nice and comfy. And my favourite football shoes would be the Adidas Predators when I was fifteen. While my favourite jersey that I’ve exchanged throughout my career is Zidane’s jersey.

Kerala is great… and football in India is getting better and better since the last few years. We have a great fan base here.