My Gadget Life – Srijan Mahajan

The youngest drummer Indian band Parikrama has ever had, and now on his way to producing and directing independent music, Srijan Mahajan pours his heart’s gadget desires...

Life is less gadget-fuelled than expected of a 20-something…Though I’m not obsessed with gadgets and technology, I do love having the latest and best in the realm of things that matter to me. For instance, computers, headphones and anything related to music making, I’m excited about, since it makes your workflow much better. Same with coffee machines since I love coffee… I also enjoy photography, so even cameras and drones. That being said, I’ve been in the Apple ecosystem for a while so I’m always excited about the new stuff they put out!

I’ve loved gadgets since I was a child… We’ve had a computer at home since I was born so I’ve always been aware of the tech that has been developing.

Favourite equipment while making music... ​Macbook Pro and Beats Studio headphones are what I normally end up using on-the-go and when I’m not in the studio. While writing music in the studio, there’s a plethora of stuff I use like a Mac Pro, Adam or Genelec monitors, Apogee interfaces and bunch of hardware from different companies.

Switches versus voice commands… I love the concept of a smart home where everything is automated, but I’m a bit skeptical about it in our country since in 2018 and we still don’t have great internet connectivity everywhere. I’m paranoid about being locked in my own house ‘cos I can’t connect to my home system to unlock the door due to a poor internet connection!

I think there’s a time and place for both acoustic and electronic in music making… I love writing music in a jam room sitting with instruments and making music on the fly in a truly collaborative environment — that purity and spontaneity is unparalleled. But in most situations, it’s a lot simpler and more practical to just write on your computer since you’re not relying on other people’s time and can work anywhere, anyhow.

My craziest petrolhead desires are… A three car garage with a G55 AMG, 911 GT3 and Mini Cooper JCW.

My gadget of choice if I were abandoned on a deserted island or say, jail... Jail!?!?! It’d have to be an iPhone ‘cos you can literally run your life off of that thing!

A big chunk of my money… Is evenly split between adventure sports, music equipment and other gadgets.

My dream robot would be like… R2D2!

I’d choose Over-the-ear cans over AirPods any given day… They’re just so comfy and you can wear them all day without ear fatigue.

I’m not a Gamer, but an… Adventure seeker!

PS or Xbox? No clue, never had one!

I’d choose home and bed over multiplexes… And, of course, popcorn! Unless it’s a Batman film… for those I always head to the theatre!

Besides performing on stage… I try to attend concerts when I’m not playing myself, but it’s only been a few and far between, since most gigs happen over the weekend and usually there are date clashes.

Best one so far… Chad Smith and the Bombastic Meatbats in a small Jazz club in Los Angeles back in 2014.