My Gadget Life - Matthew Hayden

The cricketer on the perks of the lockdown, his newest connect to cricket and loving Spotify...

The much-loved cricketing star Matthew Hayden is now back, this time in the commentary box of the e-cricket game, World Cricket Championship.

Living in an already-isolated country, he tells us all about his lockdown hobbies that include gardening and spending some much-needed time with his kids after spending a lifetime touring, and, of course, all the tech that’s been keeping him sane during Covid times…

Netflix and Spotify have kept me sane during the lockdown… I’ve got a couple of favourite shows that I really enjoyed, and it’s just great having music when you’re working as well… no matter what that is...

I live in the vicinity of the ocean and have my close family around me, so you would have to really go out of your way to get Covid virus because you don’t run into anyone that often. Kids have been homeschooling, and for a change, I haven't travelled outside of my home for two months.

There’s much to do at home… building, exploring my culinary experiences, loving getting back into my garden and making sure there’s enough plants and vegetables to eat. It’s been a good phase in many ways.

I’ll try and stay positive and share some of the nostalgic parts of my life as well. Storytelling around asking friends about IPL favourite moments, etc., the fun Instagram live sessions we did… staying busy but not moving like I usually do.

I’ve been playing WCC very badly… I’m yet to win a game, though. My kids love it and they’re so much better than me, so clearly I'm a little deflated.

The virtual cricketing medium is such a creative space... I have joined the virtual cricket game World Cricket Championship (WCC) as a commentator. One gets the chance to think outside of the box. Online sports have never been more relevant and entertaining than now!

My new stint as a WCC commentator is a great way to be involved and still communicate with cricket audiences. Games like these provide a space for people to enjoy themselves and relax, especially during Covid-19 lockdown. 

It’s obvious that for me, WCC is the best virtual cricket game till date…

Unfortunately, I keep on getting beaten by India while playing virtual cricket. At my very first go at it, my team was dismissed for five (runs). I bowled one ball… Pat Cummins was my bowler and he got hit out of the park for six, so India won 10 wickets in hand and I was off on the first ball of the first over. 

I’m a very, very beginner level player of virtual cricket as I've just made obvious.

I love playing this virtual surfing game called True Surf.

The first match I’d wanna watch live from the grounds once this COVID nightmare is over is a rematch between CSK and Mumbai Indians. That always calls for competition.

I’d love to do commentary for this rematch between CSK and Mumbai Indians.

I don’t think there are many innovations in cricket, but power hitting has reached a new level in the shorter versions of the game. A lot hasn’t changed since the time I stopped playing actively… just the expectations around scoring more and things like that in the shorter formats.

Love the game and enjoy what you’re doing… is the advice I’d give to young, aspiring cricketers… that’s the only way to get better at it, and as you get better at it, you’ll get better opportunities to meet different individuals that are there to help you out.

Listening is an important part of learning in the game... listening to your coaches, listening to individuals that can make you a little bit better and then improve your outcome.

You’ll find a couple of different guitar apps, a fishing app… and because I love music, I get on to Spotify, Netflix or Apple TV. Rarely do I watch free-day television anymore. It’s my sleepout!