My Gadget Life - Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

The latest captain of the Indian National Football Team spills the beans on his gadget loves

The latest captain of the Indian National Team, footballer Gurpreet Singh Sandhu is the newest athlete to sign the dotted line for Puma. We learn about his go-to gadgets in this quick chat...


My Puma football shoes, gloves, shaker, jersey and shorts and Nintendo - that’s what you’ll find in my kit.

I’m  currently getting the hang of... the Apple Watch.

My shoes from my Indian Team Debut against Iran... are my most prized football possessions…

Winning trophies in my career so far, playing for India, playing in Europe… are few of the memories I cherish most. I have been lucky to make a lot of friends through the game and I have a healthy number of friends. 

The apps I’m addicted to… Indian Super League (ISL) and Forza Football.

If I were to use one gadget on the football field, it would be... earphones so there’s better communication on field. 

The Apple watch and my Puma shoes... are my favourite workout partners…

XBox or PS… XBox all the way!

Neither mobile nor console gaming… I love my Nintendo Switch!

My favourite watch is a Hublot.

The total time I spend on my phone each day… amounts to about 3 hours and 3 minutes!

I currently drive a Lexus LX 470… and wish to own the Lexus LX 570.

If I were to choose to be a superhero, I’d wish to be Captain Planet… I wish I could use my powers to reverse the effects of climate change and pollution.

A telephone is.. the handiest gadget ever invented...