My Gadget Life - Felix Rosenqvist

Winner of two consecutive races and the current leader of the Drivers Championship points tally, Felix Rosenqvist talks to Nishant Padhiar about what drives his tech

Which are your favourite everyday electric cars to drive around town?

I have only tried a Tesla so far so I don’t have the experience to judge. I would love to try my Mahindra M4 Electro in traffic though!

Does the lack of engine sound affect your driving style or aggression levels on the track?

It’s a bit tricky as the gears and RPMs give you an indication and reference of speed, lap to lap, and when you pass 120 kph you only hear wind noise, so you sort of lose a sense of your driving. But at the same time the engine gives you much more precision and response, so it sort of makes up for it.

How much can you rely on modern simulators for accuracy? Is there any favourite video game you rely on to learn the circuits?

The simulators we use to prepare for races are very good, as they are based on our actual cars, both mechanically and software-wise. However, everyday simulators/games achieve a very high level too now. For example, rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa give you a very real sensation with the right hardware.

Is it easier to drive the 270hp Formula E cars after handling a 700hp Formula 1 car around the same circuit?

I haven’t driven an F1 car yet. However, I’ve been driving cars with similar performance, and honestly the more horsepower you get the easier it gets on your driving, as you don’t need to manage the corner speeds as well.

PS4 or XBox One?


iOS or Android?


V12 or Tesla?


Home-theatre or Multilplex?