My Freestyle Motocross Life - Tom Pagès

Magician by the day, Freestyle Motocross by the night

French star Tom Pagès is known for his unique trickery on his Yamaha YZ250. He is also known as the champion of the 2013 Red Bull X-Fighters world tour.

After witnessing a jaw-dropping performance at the Red Bull FMX Jam, we wondered what's it like to be in his shoes...

I love keeping my bag organised... and always double-check everything. I usually throw in a few spare parts for the bike… just in case. A few tablets for usual headaches, focus and relaxation before I set out to jump.

I’m not into cameras… Since I’m a little camera conscious, I prefer not carrying any kind of camera while riding. Instead, I have a professional team that does that for me.

Yamaha makes the best bikes. (*chuckles*) I ride the Yamaha YZ 250 (Two stroke) because it’s light and easy to flick around in the air. It’s as powerful as a four stroke bike, but I’m a two stroke (bike) kinda guy.

Before I make the jump... I plan my trick in advance and notice the crowd’s energy and emotions. I then visualise the trick and make sure I do it perfectly.

I love magic tricks... But while riding, I love the Whip and Turn trick where the bike goes sideways, the Special Flip, the Volt, the Flair and the Double Grab backflip.

I’m inspired by… FMX riders like Travis Pastrana for his level of competition and dedication, Robbie Maddison for his daredevil projects and others like André Villa and Manu Troux.

Biking in India is overwhelming… It’s my first time in India and the first thing I noticed was that no one was wearing the helmet. It felt like they feel safe and comfortable without it, which is scary. But yes, I’d love to ride someday in India.

My aim for 2019 is... to keep pushing the limit and reaching new levels. Hopefully I win again!

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