My Freestyle Motocross Life - Robbie Maddison (Maddo)

Is it a bird? Is it a bike? It’s Robbie Maddison!

Robbie Maddison isn’t any regular dude who’s known for jumping off anything that looks like a ramp and loves defying gravity for a living.

From breaking the world record at the Demons Night of the Worlds Record jumping 351ft to jumping 94ft up onto the Arc de Triomphe in front of Paris Las Vegas, to being the first FMX rider to jump over the Corinth Canal in Greece (262ft), to casually surfing at the Teahupo’o, island of Tahiti on a two-stroke KTM 250 SX. One of the most daring freestyle athletes? Now you know why everyone calls him Maddo.

We shot a few questions at RedBull FMX Jam’s flying superstar to see what he's upto whilst he's off and on that pair of hot wheels...


I always keep the Samsung Galaxy S8+... and the Galaxy Watch for everyday work and fun. It’s got the best camera and I know that I’m definitely not an iPhone guy.

I’m not into GoPros… but I’ve got this optics camera which I attach to my sunglasses and I’m ready to roll.

My everyday motocross bike… is the KTM 450 (Four-stroke) for all kinds of performances, I prefer the KTM 350 for track races and the KTM 1290 for everyday street riding because it’s fast. It’s got a good flaring and has a windbreaker at the front. It’s a beast.

The one trick that is really close to my heart... is the Superman Seat Grab. A stunt like that is difficult to execute as you need to have clarity of thought and it seems as if time has taken a halt.

Put your mind into action before a stunt… feel worthy of the work you have put in, believe in your ability, know your machine and live in the moment. The mind needs to be clear before you pull-off the stunt. The heart beats faster, so make sure you don’t think of anything but executing the jump to perfection.

My FMX role model is… Evel Knievel. I have watched videos of him performing these never-seen-before stunts on his motorbike. He is an inspiration to many FMX riders of the current generation, including myself. It would be great to take his legacy forward.

The gear I always have on... is helmet, boots, goggles, knee braces, shoulder braces, body armour, mouth guard, gloves, hip protection and tailbone protection.

If I had to ride in India… I’d choose the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Riding at the iconic Gateway of India was really amazing... the crowd came in huge numbers and cheered for each and every performance. I’m definitely looking forward to performing here again.

It’s really hard to keep a count of injuries… since I’ve been a motocross athlete for more than 15 years, I’ve easily broken more than 30 bones. I have had a fair share of them throughout my career, but it won’t stop me from doing what I love