The most anticipated gadgets of 2017

New year, new gear - and there’s plenty to get your palms sweaty

2016 was a huge year for tech: HTC Vive, OnePlus 3, LG OLED TV. The list goes on.

Thing is, 2016 is over. It’s done. No-one cares any more. Why? Because there are a whole new 365 days coming - and you can bet your hard-earned rupees that they’ll be jam-packed with enough shiny kit to send a rocket into space. Figuratively.

What can you expect? Aside from the usual raft of updates, upgrades and flagship tweaks - think smartphones, laptops and tablets - there’s also guaranteed to be a host of hot stuff hitting shelves, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

Oh, you want some actual examples? Well, that’s good - because we’ve cobbled together this list of the eight gadgets due in 2017 that have got us properly quivering with anticipation. Enjoy.

Apple iPhone 8

With a new Apple smartphone released every year, it stands to reason that we'll see one in 2017. But why are we excited about it? Well, if rumours on the great gadget grapevine are to be believed, it could be a big one - not least, because it marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

So, there's every reason to anticipate the iPhone 8's release - especially if you like all-glass, AMOLED-toting smartphones with wireless charging and no bezels. Because that's exactly what the early evidence is pointing towards. Oh, and it might ditch the home button, too.

Then again, some say it might be the iPhone 7s, which only serves to add a healthy dollop of intrigue to proceedings.

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Nintendo Switch

A hybrid Ninty console that'll do double duty as both living room games machine and go-anywhere gaming tablet? Meet the Nintendo Switch - source of much excitement in the Stuff India office.

Due in 2017, all games will play in either mode whilst its modular controller has options to suit almost every gaming preference. It'll run on Nvidia hardware, too - though concrete specs are still a mystery.

As for the screen, estimates suggest it'll measure up at around 6.5in and there's a good chance it'll be touch-enabled.

Gaming titles? There ought to be plenty - including the usual favourites (Mario Kart), alongside rumoured support for older content, such as GameCube titles.

When will we see it? If all goes to plan, Nintendo says we'll see the Switch in March 2017.

Project Scorpio

Who needs an Xbox One, anyway? Project Scorpio is what we're itching to see in 2017 - and it should be seriously impressive.

Microsoft's next-gen console is penned to carry six teraflops of gaming power, which is more than enough to deliver 4K and VR capabilities. 

Designed to offer developers power in spades - enough to rival gaming PCs, in fact - evidence suggests it'll be priced like a premium console, likely to rival the PS4 Pro.

What's more, it'll also play nice with existing Xbox gear and games, which should cause no trouble for its eight CPU cores.

Due date? By Christmas 2017 is as specific as Microsoft is getting at this point.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

We liked the Galaxy S7. A lot. But, then, the whole Note 7 drama happened and everyone forgot just what a whopping great handset Samsung had made in the S7.

The South Korean manufacturer, then, will be hoping to dispel any misgivings with the S8, which makes the situation pretty enthralling. Throw in early indications that the next-gen Galaxy could be a truly futuristic phone, and you've got us hooked.

Bezel-free, 4K-equipped and only curved? That ought to do the trick - not to mention a dual-lens camera setup, better VR and a faster chip.

As if specs-guessing wasn't enough to keep us interested, there's plenty of conjecture that Samsung will wave goodbye to the headphone jack on the S8, too.

When will we know for sure? Given the past few Galaxy launches, the likeliest date is late February. Not long, then.

Nikon D760

Nikon's fantastic full-frame shooter, the D750, hasn't seen an upgrade in a couple of years. That hasn't mattered too much, though, because it happened to be one of the most comfortable, intuitive DSLRs money could buy. Image quality was great, performance was great. It was great.

Why are we excited? The successor is finally coming in 2017.

If leaked specs are to be believed, the Nikon D760 will retain the same 24.3MP, full-frame CMOS sensor. What will change? Probably the processor, likely to be upgraded to the rapid Expeed 5.

Frame rates should also increase, shutter speeds should be faster than ever - rumours point towards a maximum of 1/8000s - and the ISO should jump higher still.

With such a solid foundation to work from, we'd be seriously surprised if the D760 doesn't turn out to be a stellar snapper. The only problem? We're almost as excited about its cheaper cousin, the D620, set to be released in the first half of 2017.

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Panasonic 4K OLED TV

Panasonic's 2017 OLED panel looks set to be a 4K whopper of a TV. Likely to ship in two sizes - 55in and 65in - it'll be seriously slim, whilst Panasonic's UHD Premium form to date suggests image quality should be astounding.

We saw a prototype at IFA 2016 and it was properly pretty - though the manufacturer kept pretty quiet about anything like concrete specs.

They did, though, tell us that the next-gen screen will have better blacks than ever and will be an improvement over the previous CZ950 model.

Why is that exciting? Because the CZ950 was a magnificent thing to behold, with arresting picture quality and an equally arresting design - meaning this new model should be seriously drool-inducing.

iMac 2017

If you're a fan of Apple's desktop computers, you've been waiting a little while for some good news. The last update to its all-in-one came in late 2015 and, whilst we've seen MacBook updates, the iMac is yet to receive any special treatment.

That's set to change, though, in 2017. As ever, firm details are thin on the ground - but the easy assumptions are that it'll be more-than-5K-equipped and VR-ready, even if Apple presently lacks its own VR hardware.

It'll likely get a chip upgrade, too, whilst we might - if we're lucky - see some form of Touch Bar integration, if the MacBook Pro is anything to go by.

As for the physical stuff, USB-C seems a sure addition, as does a storage boost and - possibly - a further slimming-down of the shell.

When is a new iMac likely to emerge? It could be at any one of Apple's three big events this year - or at one of its own. Really, then, we don't know. But we can't wait to find out.

Google Pixel Watch

We liked the Google Pixel. We liked Google Android Wear. Neither nailed it, but both showed promise - and brought Google to the table proper, suggesting Apple and Samsung might finally be in for some competition.

Now, rumours suggest we'll soon see a combination of the two: an Android Wear watch taking its cues from the Pixel, made by Google. And we could see it in the first four months of 2017.

Plenty of sources suggest there will be two models of Google's wearable - codenamed Swordfish and Angelfish - both of which are likely to carry circular screens.

Anything like firm specifications aren't known, which arguably makes things even more exciting. We might rightly expect, though, both devices to be running Android Wear 2.0, and packing some strong hardware. Here's hoping.

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