Mood up – 5 Android games

5 different games to liven up your mood and uplift your spirit

Quarantine is tough and can bring about a side of you that even you didn’t know existed.

There’s a lot of feelings and emotions you may be going through in these tough times, so here’s a list of the top 5 games we at Stuff have picked for 5 different moods you may be going through. You don’t need a high-end PC or console for these, just a juiced up Android smartphone is enough to get you going.

When you’re feeling Creative but are lazy


World of Chef

This one comes with a fair warning – it will make you hungry. If the only thing you’re good in the kitchen for is Maggi and ol’ fashion hogging what your mom made, World of Chef transports you into a proper functioning restaurant that you’ve got to manage. There’s a lot to do here apart from just taking orders and serving food. You get creative and select from different themes for your restaurant – right from Indian to French – and work on the decor too. There's an option to spice up the place (pun intended) with over 10 themes, each of which come with their own set of embellishments. Our favourite is ‘Bohemian’ wherein you can add a record player and play sweet tunes. You also need to manage serving and cooking time along with food inventory and occasionally upgrade and add chefs from all over the world too. Let’s just say you’ll have your plate full.

When you’re Gloomy and need a ride


Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw

Feeling gloomy and dull? Don’t turn to those mindless racing games, turn to this one instead. Tuk Tuk puts you in the driver’s seat of some of the fanciest ricks one can imagine and the goal is pretty straightforward – get the passengers to their destination without running out of fuel. You get a Career Mode (for the dedicated ones out there) and a Free Mode to choose from. Career Mode allows you to choose between three different riding environments – ‘City’, ‘Off Road’ and ‘Highway’. Each adding bits of unexpected fun and environment effects. You can also switch to the driver view if you want to see the rickshaw physics in action, and there’s also a bugle horn to add to the cuteness of it all, which will surely cheer you up.

When the survival instinct kicks in


Survivor Adventure: Survival Island

The situation outside in the real world is scary enough and you don’t need those zombies to scare you further. What you need to pass your hours on is this beautiful island replete with flora, fauna and YOU. It’s a typical island survivor but has bits that will have you hooked for hours on end. With one of the most advanced crafting systems we’ve seen in this genre, the game needs you to craft your own weapons, shelters, stone stoves and a lot more. Food comes in the form of berries, fruits and the animals you hunt, while companionship is found in the animals you tame. A boat or raft is the way out, but do you have what it takes to survive, thrive and escape?

When you’re feeling feisty


Ludo King

This one needs no introduction. Ludo King lives up to its name and is the best Ludo game out there. What makes it so special? Tomatoes! It allows communication between players through the choicest emojis and throwing tomatoes at each other soon becomes the norm of the proceedings. About to get killed? You can beg for mercy too, and once you kill someone, pacify them by sending hearts and kisses. Ludo King covers mockery, assault, anger, frustration and all other emotions one experiences while playing the game in a downright classic manner. Oh, you can use your own words in the chat and abuse each other too, or  play in teams as well. Don’t have three other friends? Play online or with the AI, it will smack you silly too.

When you’re overworked and angry


Beat the Boss 4

Boss calling you a ‘Pencil Pusher’ in these tough times? Download Beat the Boss 4 and STICK IT TO THE MAN quite literally. Yup, you get to torture a virtual boss with all sorts of paraphernalia ranging from the humble pencil to machine guns! What’s not humble is the punishment you deliver to the rag-doll boss. Throw him around the room, stick him up on exposed wires and shock him, watch other employees throw staplers and pins at him, throw brain leeches at him, have him stung by a Sea Urchin. Our favourite is to unload the legendary Diarrhea Gun at the bugger. The timely snarky bossy comments make you chuckle and motivate you to unload further punishment.