A monthly dose of glee

Subscription boxes that'll make you drool

Everybody loves gifts. But not everybody has enough people who love them enough to ensure a steady supply.

That's no reason to be morose anymore, because what we have here is a bunch of gift boxes that'll come to your doorstep each month. Of course, you'll have to pay for them, or find someone who will, but the fun lies in not knowing what's in the box. Yes, the subscription sets, for pure indulgence.

Origin One (from ₹1000/month)

Top of our list, which is in no particular order, is OriginOne.in, simply because WHO CAN RESIST STATIONERY? This cardboard box, a treat in itself, comes filled with stationery and desk art supplies like twine, DIY postcard kits and - pass the bib - a tiny blackboard with chalk.

The subdued wood-and-brown-paper, non-frilly feel of the products exudes class, so much so that a cigar wouldn't be out of place here.

Not surprising, since the objects are designed and curated for OriginOne by The Grafiosi, a New Delhi-based studio of art and design.

Prices begin from1000 for a month for a small box and go up to 22,550 for a ‘Big Box’ for 12 months. That's 12 big boxes of stationery through the year. Yes. Drool.


To buy click here - Origin One 


Singh Styled (from ₹1448/month)

Beards are in, as are man buns and both need grooming and regular TLC. While cavemen had nothing more than morning dew and tree sap (we're assuming) to nurture their locks, you belong to the 21st century and can do better.

The question is, will you be bothered? You ought to be, especially when the kind people at Singh Styled are around to make life easier for you.

Singh Styled sends to you a personally designed and curated box each month, starting from Rs 1448 for a basic kit containing, among other things, beard oil and a well-crafted brush.

The higher ₹2490 Lifestyle box encompasses all essential grooming products and lifestyle accessories that you'd require to keep those strands in place. As the name suggests, the service is aimed at Singhs, so you're likely to find a turban in here too.


To buy click here - Singh Styled


The Revolver Club (from ₹1499/month)

Dhishkiaaaaon! A vinyl subscription service! Bet you didn't realise how much you needed one until you read this. And now that you have, let us begin by telling you that you can purchase a turntable from these guys to get you started.

Once done, subscribe to their service for a minimum of three months, which will set you back by ₹4497.

Now sit back and wait for The Stereo Box, sent to you by the 3rd of every month. The 12in long-playing record in it will be handpicked by The Revolver Club - something you might have heard before or something they think you should really hear.

This includes new artists, essential releases and must-have reissues recommended to them over the decades by family, friends, strangers, musicians, critics and life.

To buy click here - The Revolver Club



Paper Planes (from ₹1350/month)

If there's one magazine subscription we'd recommend other than Stuff India, it'd be this. Because this is no ordinary magazine subscription. Paper Planes is a first-of-its-kind indie print magazine collective.

You know those magazines you've seen displayed in coffee-shop racks in foreign movies? Eclectic indie titles like Cereal (UK), The Outpost (Lebanon), FAT (Finland), Benjie Knewman (Latvia), Adbusters (Canada), MARK (The Netherland), Gather Journal (US)? What do you mean you haven't?

If you have, then know that Paper Planes sends you such and more on a monthly basis. Tick on the genres that interest you, or simply go for the Surprise Me option.

You'll be assured of intelligent, soulful journalism delivered to you each month. Collect and display the issues on your coffee table - they're bound to be conversation starters.

To buy click here - Paper Planes