A monthly dose of glee

Blue Tokai (from ₹2000/six deliveries)

Coffee. Freshly roasted and delivered every week, every 10 days, every other week, every three weeks or every month, depending on how quick you can down those cups. And going by what we've sampled, you'll be diminishing your supplies from here real quick.

The good people at Blue Tokai visit estates across the country to select the best beans and also have 10 farms that have been carefully selected for regular supplies. The beans are roasted twice a week and depending on your subscription, delivered fresh to you.

Till you've figured which estate you prefer, we suggest you opt for the Mixed Bag -  you can't go too wrong with handpicked coffee coming straight from the experts, can you?

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Teabox (from ₹834/month)

Goomtee Special Summer Muscatel Black. Kashmiri Kahwa. Choco-Muscat Chai. Intrigued?

There's more in store as you begin to book your subscription, starting with a fun quiz to help Teabox figure out your taste. Once that's done, they put together what they think will be the ideal subscription plan for you and begin shipping the very next day.

As for the box - it's not just sachets of tea. In there you'll also find a tiny ladle to measure and spoon out the leaves, along with dainty little muslin pouches in which you can steep them. Give the teas you've sampled a rating and Teabox's prediction engine gets smarter at choosing your next assortment of teas for you.

Don't like what you've received? Let them know, and they'll ship you an extra tea in your next box.


To buy click here - Teabox


Cosset (from ₹950/month)

Who doesn't love feeling cosseted, especially if it's "that time of the month"? Make those rough days more cheerful by gifting this indulgence kit to the ladies in your life. If you, dear reader, are a lady yourself, we don't need to tell you how wonderful this could be - imagine a box of goodies and essentials arriving at your doorstep, just in time? Bliss, yes?

While the basic box (from ₹300/month) gets you just the essentials - a blessing for those who forget to stock up in time each month - the Indulgence box gets you comfort foods, pampering products and a surprise gift too.

The Indulgence subscription starts at 950/month and gets cheaper as you opt for longer periods (yes, even we're cringing at that pun but we couldn't resist).

To buy click here - Cosset


PaWish (from ₹1500/month)

Self love is good. (You know what we mean; don't smirk.) But loving others is also nice every once in awhile, especially if they have four paws. Here's a monthly goodie box for your furry friend that'd make even you wag your tail if you had one.

It comes bearing dog food (you have PaWish's assurance that all edibles organic and safe), toys, treats, chewwies and other stuff that'll make your dog go bonkers.

Each box is customised to your pet's age, breed and size. Choose from three variants, with the top-end 3000/month box adding doggie apparel (like bandanas), feeders and health supplements to the mix.

PaWish also plans to include services like grooming, spas and pet-friendly holidays soon. There's a 10% discount on the box if your doggie's an Indie and 10% of the profit goes into helping local dogs find a home. Sigh. Woof.

To buy click here - PaWish