Mojo Rising: Mahindra Mojo Mountain Trail 2017

Ascend into the clouds where the landscape will leave you gobsmacked.

If you thought Brienne of Tarth was intimidating, wait till you come face to face with a biker girl.

Tough as nails (no, literally, those acrylic nails are harder than they look), there’s little she can't handle. Add a Mojo into the mix and she’s virtually unstoppable.

We know you’ve heard about the Mahindra Mojo Mountain Trail before, and you’ve probably read about the bike already, but take a look at it from a girl’s perspective and tell us you’re not impressed.

Words: Alefia Kapadia

Illustration: Kritika Dayal



The journey from Patnitop to Manali is one of treacherous twists and turns, speeding oncoming traffic and the occasional bowl of Maggi, but with the Mojo as your riding companion, the journey becomes a teensy bit easier.

Some wise person once said, “The journey is more important than the destination.” Whoever that was, he (or she) knew what they were on about. On the Mahindra Mojo Mountain Trail 2017, this rang true. Sure, getting to the end was an accomplishment, but the road was a long and hard one (3000km and 15 days to be precise) and taught me more than I could’ve imagined. What started out with formal, awkward introductions among fellow bikers (but total strangers), soon led to a camaraderie that only exists in the biking world.

1) Patnitop to Sonmarg (190 km) - Patnitop is filled with greenery and clouds. The Patnitop Tunnel (officially called the Chenani- Nashri tunnel), is India's longest road tunnel spanning 9.28km, reducing the distance between Jammu and Srinagar by 30km.

2) Sonmarg to Kargil (125 km) - Look out for the Zojila Pass, one of the most narrow and difficult passes in India. Nearby, Drass, the only town between Sonmarg and Kargil, is the second coldest inhabited place on earth.

3) Kargil to Leh (217 km) - The attractions here include the Fotu La Pass, Namik La Pass, the Magnetic Hill and the Gurudwara Sri Pathar Sahib, and a bit of a tear-jerker, the Kargil war Memorial.

4) Leh - At an altitude of about 12,000 sq ft above sea level, the most beautiful attraction here is Shanti Stupa that gives you stunning panoramic views of the valley.

5) Khardungla Top - That it’s the world’s highest motorable pass at an altitude of 18,380 sqft above sea level is reason enough to go!

6) Nubra Valley - The Diksit Monastery is a major attraction here, as are the sand dunes and flatulent Bactrian camels.

7) Sumur, Nubra - Fancy a dip in the Panamik Hot Springs? The waters are enriched with high amounts of sulphur, and a dip is believed to cure various health ailments.

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Gear up

Samsung S8 - Yes, we know you've a perfectly good smartphone already. But, if it isn't water and dust resistant like the mighty S8, it won't cut it. The stellar camera you get along with it is a fantastic bonus.

GoPro Hero 5 - If you truly want to relive every moment of your journey after you return, a trip down memory lane won’t cut it. Capture your ride in exquisite 4K detail on the Hero 5.

Camelbak Hydrobak - Leak-proof, insulated and capable of holding 1.5l ,it’ll provide you that critical hydration.

Wildcraft D Lite Camping Sleeping - Carry along this cushioned cocoon – it's light and it's warm. Perfect shelter.

Sky Map - Allow Sky Map to help you channel your inner Neil deGrasse Tyson and make sense of the night sky.

Bungee cords - A few of these should help secure your rucksack to the back of your Motorcycle. Extras won't hurt.

Kindle Oasis - For the better part of your journey, you will drop off the world’s radar, free to indulge in dreams of devouring a pizza or reading a book. The Oasis will serve you just fine,

courtesy a cover that boosts its battery life to nine weeks.

Alternative rides

North East Trail - More than 2700km of river basins, jungles and sandy plains with harsh temperatures that will make you miss your bed at home, this one isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Desert Trail - Explore Rajasthan’s deserts with a side of riding into sunsets. Camping under starry skies and treading paths unknown. It has all your biking holiday frills and then some.

Coastal Trail - Cruise along India’s western coast with the salty breeze in your hair, exploring the coastal regions of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Nothing fishy there.

Jungle Trail - Channel your inner Mowgli as you explore hidden caves, beautiful

lakes and dense jungles on this jungle crusade.