Mini Meme: the best health and fitness apps

Killer apps for killer abs

We’ve been pounding streets, pumping iron and avoiding doughnuts with some help from these six apps.

Carrot Fit

It’s hard to go far wrong with seven-minute workout apps. You’re ordered to exercise and get fitter. But there is a bit more to Carrot Fit than that: it adds ‘or else’ to the equation by way of a sadistic AI who’ll punish you if you fail. The humour eventually palls, but it’s fun performing ‘dragon mating dances’ and ‘kowtows to Cthulhu’.

Price:  190 

Stuff says ★★★★✩

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If you’re more into workouts and building muscle than hoofing about in trainers, Fitocracy has you covered. Even without spending a penny on IAPs, you get plenty of workout routines and advice. Like Runkeeper, the app’s infused with a sense of community, with comments and achievements keeping you on the path to musclebound glory.

Price: free

Stuff says ★★★★✩

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It’s claimed there are 45 million people now using GPS-based exercise tracker Runkeeper, and so its big advantage is very much that sense of community. As you hike, jog and sprint towards a more svelte you, chances are you can do so in the company of friends. Friends who will secretly hate you when you’re hitting every goal.

Price: free

Stuff says ★★★★

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