Luxury meets high-tech at these cinemas across India

Moviegoing experience enhanced manyfold

Pardon us for making a huge effort for this story that entailed visiting the poshest cinemas.

We rested our entitled bottoms on plush recliners in air-conditioned comfort, were waited on by ushers while we feasted on vada pav sliders and watched a flick or two. Yes, that’s the hard work we put in to unearth the absolute best you can have for your money. Envy much? You too, for a small fee, can avail of these five-star experiences that could be lurking in your backyard...

The SoBo snob

While the 4K laser projection heightens visual pleasure, IMAX screens, immersive Dolby Atmos sound and a gourmet menu by Chef Vicky Ratnani please your other senses. The ‘Butler on call’ service allows you to be served by well trained and polite staff, wearing uniforms designed by another veteran of the luxury industry, Arjun Khanna.

The advantage here is, that if Sir-spends-a-lot is feeling a bit antisocial, he can skip the ticket queues, head straight to the Automated Box Office, generate his tickets, pay for them with plastic and walk right in. They’ve even made Self Order Food Kiosks that allow you to ignore those designer-clad butlers and place your orders without having to talk to a soul.

Using state-of-the-art 4K Laser projection tech from Volfoni and screens from Harkness, the picture is thrice as bright as competing theatres. Add Dolby Atmos sound and it’s a recipe for an immersive experience second to none.

Keeping in tune with the humanless approach, the INOX App on Google Play and Apple App Store allows one the option to pre-book and be served on the seat, all in real time or even schedule a snack – a concept unique to INOX properties.

A grand total of nine screens woo you, which collectively hold the largest number of recliners – 92 Insignia seats at R-City, 150 at Nariman Point and 156 in Kolkata. Add ‘Butler-on-Call’, 200 contactless systems (for tickets and F&B) across 67 properties and you are in good hands. Ticket pricing is kept dynamic and ranges between ₹350 -  ₹980.

Gourmet Menu by Chef Vicky Ratnani, interactive self-help food kiosks. App-to-seat feature for F&B ensure you don’t suffer hunger pangs 'coz there are flavoured makhanas, corn on the cob, burrito wraps or Maggi on steroids to rescue you and for the added gourmet touch.

Outfitted with the latest tech helps in elevating the experience over and above the luxury. Dolby Atmos sound is almost mandatory for any new multiplex worth its salt but the INOX Insignia (CR2) also pampers your pupils by using Barco laser projection. The very immediate and obvious advantage to this is the brightness of picture, even after adorning your mug with the 3D glasses. It didn't seem to make the picture quality any better but the darker parts of the movie definitely won't make you wonder about the goings on in the movie. The spread of sound is great front or back, left to right but we did miss the height aspect that was promised by the Dolby Atmos auditorium. In this aspect, the latest Insignia screen at Ghatkopar's R-City Mall fared better and provides a sense of envelopment that the Nariman Point auditorium just couldn't match. Slip in to the outrageously plush recliners and if the movie is good enough, you might even forgive the smaller shortcomings and revel in the fact that this is the brightest cinema hall in the region, with sound that has been calibrated to perfection. Not the kind where the surround speakers blare at you angrily during an item number. This could well be the future of Indian cinemas and it sure looks promising.