Lenovo Moto X5 preview: Everything we know so far

Ready for an Android phone with the iPhone X's notch?

The Moto X used to be the flagship in Motorola's (now Lenovo's) smartphone line, but then the Moto Z took its spot, with the Moto X4 returning as a mid-ranger. Confused? That's fair.

You might also be confused when you catch a glimpse of the Moto X5, or at least the first purported leaked image further down in the article. See that thing on the top? Yeah, that's a screen that wraps around the front camera module, iPhone X-style. It has the notch.

Is Android ready for the notch? Are we? Well, we may find out later this year, as it should be a while before the Moto X5 is officially debuted. But if you're a Moto fan and want to scope out your potential next upgrade, here's everything we've heard so far.