How to use the Apple Watch like a pro

Learn how to navigate the uncharted territory of Apple’s first wearable

The Apple Watch is like nothing we’ve ever used before.

And it will be completely new to you, too. When given their first feel of it many people can do little but fumble around, turning the Digital Crown puzzledly, swiping and prodding haphazardly.

But fear not, prospective Watch-buyers. We’re here to help you figure out the bells and whistles on the Apple Watch so you can strap it onto your wrist with confidence and say to all your friends, “I’ve got this”.

Digital Crown

That dial on the side of the Apple Watch is called the Digital Crown and it can be both twirled and pressed. There’s a right way to go about using the first motion. Instead of using two fingers to twiddle it, you’re meant to rest your thumb on one side of the Watch face, and use your index finger to rotate the Digital Crown.

It’s akin to the scroll button on your mouse. Whenever you have lists to go through on your Watch, such as numerous notifications and the like, just give the Digital Crown a twirl. It's also smart enough to detect when you're scrolling fast. You won't have to twirl it many times around to get through all 4,537,863 of your contacts to locate Zachary Ximenov in your list; it will take you directly through alphabet categories as a whole instead of through the many names within each alphabet category.

Pressing the Digital Crown takes you to the app screen of the Watch. Navigate the confetti-coloured app circles by moving your finger about on the screen. To hop into an app, all you have to do is tap it or use the Digital Crown to zoom right into it. To exit an app or return to the Watch face (from the app screen), just press it again.

A long press of the Digital Crown will bring Siri to attention (no matter where you are on the Watch), but pressing it won't turn the Watch face off (a mistake we've made many times) - just put your arm back down.