How to play Pokémon Go on your Mac or PC

How to catch ‘em all on the down-low (aka your boss will hate this one weird trick)

Pokémon Go. You know what it is, we know what it is and even your neighbour Girdhari Uncle's out and about, whizzing around on his Splendour hunting for a Snorlax.

Trouble is, most of us have to be an adult (or at least pretend to be), which means being stuck indoors in front of a screen instead of going out and lobbing balls at cute creatures outside your local temple. It’s not all bad though - you can catch Pokémon sitting at your desk.

You see, if you leave the app running, the little scamps pop round quite often. We caught ourselves a lovely 402 CP Haunter yesterday, in between reading emails (and working really, really hard).

If that sounds like something you want a slice of, then it gets even better. There’s a way you can play Pokémon Go on your PC without having to touch your phone.

The fact that it’s less obvious to your coworkers that you’re actually playing is just a sweet bonus.

3) Deskómon Go

Flip your phone face down on the table and get to work. Fill out some spreadsheets. Reply to an email or two. Laugh at some spicy memes. Do whatever you normally do, but periodically check Vysor to see if you’ve been visited by any furry/scaly/feathered friends.

Your phone will vibrate, alerting you each time a new Pokémon spawns and you can encourage more to visit by using incense.

Catching Pokémon is pretty easy using a mouse and we’ve been able to fling Pokéballs accurately without any problems.

If you’re lucky enough to sit near a Pokéstop or two then you can keep on spinning them around for random item drops every five minutes or so too.

And, well, that’s pretty much it. Unplug your phone on your lunch break and go out hunting on the high street, then plug back in when you return. Kill your productivity, get fired, and have even more free time to catch them all.

It’s the perfect plan.