How to master...Google Maps

Advanced tips...

15) Make your own maps

Planning a trip and want to make a big, interactive wish list of all the places you wish to hit? Make a custom map with My Maps. It lets you start from scratch and add all sorts of places, be they restaurants or attractions, and then sort them into categories.

My Maps is also fantastic for planning trips with pals, since everyone can add to the same map before a road trip or other group jaunt.

16) Send to a device

If you sorted out directions on your computer before running to the car, you don't need to start over from scratch on your phone, tablet, or car display. Simply pass the directions along to your on-the-go device.

Just be signed into the same account on your device, and then from web, click "Send to your phone" on a place listing, or "Send directions to your phone" when picking a route for navigation. Pick your linked device from the list, then you'll get that info on mobile.

17) Use keyboard shortcuts

More comfortable with keys than a mouse or trackpad? You can use a few handy keyboard shortcuts to get around Google Maps on the web, if so. You can use the arrow keys to move around the map, for example, and hit Shift plus the + or – key to zoom in or out, respectively.

And, when in Street View, the WASD keys can be used to move the camera in a very first-person-shooter-esque way, or you can use the arrow keys.

18) Share your location

One of Google Maps' latest tricks is the ability to share your real-time location with any other Google user. From iOS and Android, you can share where you are at any given time, and the recipient can view on mobile or web alike.

Just open up the side menu and pick "Share location" to start the process, or when you're in navigation, tap the "…" button and choose "Share trip" so a loved one knows how much longer it'll be before you arrive.

19) Go Wi-Fi only

No matter the quality of your cellular reception, Maps can use up a lot of data. Thankfully, in addition to saving offline maps, you can also help stem the data usage otherwise.

On Android, there's an option in Settings to only use Wi-Fi for data, which means you won't bleed out cellular data from wandering about – although the app warns that "a small amount" of data may still be used. Still, it could save you a fair bit of money.

20) Give back to Maps

Want to thank Google for making Maps such an invaluable resource? Give back – by becoming a Local Guide. Essentially, you'll be one of the chosen few helping to shape the editorial side of Maps, including categorising and reviewing restaurants, sharing photos, and more.

You'll have to sign up to be a Local Guide and, truth be told, Google actually gives even more benefits in the process: you can earn exclusive badges and invites to special events for joining.