How to do everything on the LG G4

Reset the phone

Going to trade in your phone or sell it? You’ll want to ensure none of your personal data is left in it. Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset will wipe your G4 clean.

Turn on Do Not Disturb

Smartphones have many names for turning off all notifications, but on the LG G4, it’s called “No interruptions”. Toggle between All interruptions, Priority only, or No interruptions from either Settings > Sound & notifications > Calls & interruptions, or tap on the icon in the drag down status bar.

“Priority only” lets you narrow down notifications based on the categories of Calendar events, Incoming calls, or New messages, as well as the apps you set as Priority on Settings > Sound & notifications > Apps.

You can also fix specific hours on selected days to set aside as Downtime, where the phone will go automatically to either Priority only or No interruptions.

Personalise your UI

If you don’t want to use the default theme and are looking to personalise your phone further, simply use the LG SmartWorld app and set up an account. You’ll be able to download Customization Bundles and Home themes besides custom apps from LG.

To switch between themes you’ve downloaded, go to Settings > Display > Home screen > Theme. There’s also a selection of Wallpapers, Font, and even Keyboard themes if you want to dive deeper. Those can be found in their respective menus in Settings > Display after downloading.

The LG Keyboard can also be customised further via the gear icon at the bottom of the keyboard, or in Settings > General > Language & input > LG Keyboard. There, you’ll be able to add different languages, enable word suggestions, adjust keyboard height and layout, turn on swipe input, and change the keyboard theme. You could even opt to use an alphanumeric phone keyboard, just like you did back in school.

Share files straight to apps

You can share content straight to different apps with one simple tap – just open it, tap on the Share icon in the top menu, and pick the desired app from there.

For example, in your Gallery, open a photo, tap on the Share icon, and you’ll then have the option of sending it straight to WhatsApp, Google Drive, or even Instagram.

Alternatively, you could tap on the Share icon straight from the app’s content list, and make a batch selection before sending out.

Customize lock screen notifications

Sometimes you don’t want all your notifications to appear in full on the lock screen. Go to Settings > Sound & notifications > lock screen to toggle between “Show all notifications”, “Hide sensitive only”, or “Hide all notifications. Again, you can set what app notifications are classified as sensitive under Settings > Sound & notifications > Apps.