How to do everything on the LG G4

Display your phone content on a TV

For those looking to stream what’s on the G4’s phone screen to a TV with sound, hit Miracast from the Share & connect menu, and the phone will search for compatible devices nearby.

Launch QuickMemo+ from the lock screen

From the lock or standby screen, a double press of the volume up button instantly launches QuickMemo+, just like the camera shortcut. You can then take quick notes or sketches with the app. If you find this feature doesn’t work for you, you might have to turn it on by going to Settings > General > Shortcut key.

Edit Call Settings

It’s true many of us don’t make that many calls anymore, but you could still benefit from the options available in Settings > Networks > Call. There you’d be able to set call forwarding, add messages that you can decline calls with, and toggle things like noise suppression and enhanced voice clarity.

Transfer data from your old LG phone

So you’ve just upgraded to a G4, and well done on making a fine choice. Now it’s time to transfer everything over, and the best way to do that is by using LG Backup.

Download the LG Backup app on your old phone, run it as a sender, and start up LG Backup on your new LG G4 too. Then press “Copy data to new device” on both devices, hit “Copy data” on the old device and “Receive data” on the new device, and follow the on-screen instructions to be all set in no time.