How to do everything on the LG G4

Customise the status bar

To select what features you can toggle on/off in the status bar, first pull down from the top of the screen to access it, scroll all the way to the right, and tap on Edit. You can then check which settings you want, and uncheck those you don’t.

Use QuickMemo+ to annotate screenshots

To instantly take a screenshot and annotate it with drawings, doodles, or text directly, drag down the status menu from the top of your desired screen, and tap on QuickMemo+. The screen you were on then becomes a canvas for your creativity.

Activate Dual window

To open two apps at the same time on your screen, tap on the Square icon at the bottom of the screen to pull up the Recent apps menu. Tap on Dual window, and pick the two apps you want displayed simultaneously from the 14 options available. Your first pick goes on top, while the second one goes right below it. Your most recent selection will also appear on the Dual window menu for convenience.

The apps will show up in a 50/50 split by default, but you can change that by dragging the blue slider between them. You can also choose to go to landscape mode to have the apps appear side-by-side. The keyboard will block whatever’s on screen if you need to type though, so it’s probably better to use an external keyboard in these situations. To exit Dual window, tap on the home button.

Share content with other devices

To share content such as webpages, contacts, YouTube videos, music, or images with other Android phones or tablets, you can enable Android Beam, accessible from Settings > Networks > Share & connect > Android Beam. Both devices will need to have NFC and Bluetooth turned on, and all you have to do is touch both devices together. And if it’s between LG devices, you can also use SmartShare Beam from the Share & connect menu.

Turn on QSlide

QSlide is one of the functions unique to LG smartphones, letting you pull up apps in a floating mini window that you can control the opacity of. Probably the best (and only practical) use for it is to be able to watch videos on your screen while doing other things, which is kinda cool.

There are only nine apps that are QSlide-able, including Phone, Contacts, and File manager, but let’s hope LG adds more in the future.

To open QSlide menu, drag down from the top of the screen to access the status menu, tap on QSlide, and select the app you want overlaid on your screen.