How to do everything on the LG G4

Change camera modes and settings

To switch between the Simple, Auto, and Manual shooting modes, tap on the Menu icon in the Camera app, and select the one you want.

Simple mode lets you take a photo just by tapping on your subject on the screen; Auto gives you more control but lets the camera decide on most things for you; and Manual lets you go full-on pro photographer, letting you tweak whatever you want.

To find out more about what you can do with the LG G4’s camera, tap on the gear icon in the app, and then the question mark for LG’s Help guide. This will take you through everything you can do in the camera.

Lock your content

Don’t want people looking through the stuff on your G4? LG can help keep certain images in your Gallery and memos away from prying eyes with a Content lock that’s accessible from Settings > General > Security > Content lock. It’ll hide whichever photos you desire behind either a Password or Pattern, with the added option of setting a Google account to reset this password or pattern should you ever forget it.

To select the content you want locked, go to your Gallery, touch the Menu icon on the top-right corner, tap on Lock, and check off the desired items.

Change your screen lock

From the Settings menu, go to Display > Lock screen > Select screen lock to choose your screen lock method. LG’s got a few to choose from, with their very own Knock Code in addition to all the usual Android options. This lets you set a combination of three to eight knocks across four quarters in a box on your screen to unlock it.

This menu also lets you keep your phone unlocked whenever you’re near specific devices or in certain places. Just add trusted Bluetooth devices or places in the Smart Lock menu, and you’re all set for seamless usage without having to unlock your screen whenever these are detected.

You could also enable Face Matching on your phone so it unlocks as long as it’s you using it, but this isn’t very secure since the recognition is quite vague.

Also present is the option to enable on-body detection, which lets you unlock the device once and then keep it unlocked as long as the phone detects that you haven’t put it down yet. Again, this isn’t the most secure, since it’ll only relock when the phone detects it’s no longer in motion. A lot of damage can be done in that time.

Change the bottom buttons

Android phone makers can’t seem to decide on the configuration of the home screen buttons. Home may always be in the middle, but the Back and Recent app buttons appear either on the left or right.

With the LG G4, you can customise this by going to Settings > Display > Home touch buttons and selecting the button combination, whether they hide while you’re using apps, and even the colour you want them to appear in. You could also add up to two more buttons for Notification, QuickMemo+, QSlide, or Dual window.

Set up a mobile hotspot

To share your phone’s data connection when you’re out and about without public Wi-Fi, head to Settings > Networks > Tethering. There you can choose between sharing data via USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. If you select Wi-Fi, you can set your Wi-Fi hotspot name and password from the menu too.