How to do everything on the LG G4

The ultimate guide to take you through all the basics of LG's new flagship - plus a little extra

Smartphones can do so many things nowadays that it’s hard to keep track.

Whether it’s because you just made the switch from another brand, or have just never explored what your LG G4 can really do, this step-by-step guide will teach you how to do practically everything on your new Android smartphone.

In fact, most of these tips will probably work on other LG phones too.

Take a screenshot

It seems every Android phone maker out there has a different way to take screenshots, which can get really annoying. On the LG G4, simply press both the power and volume down button simultaneously, and hold them for about a second until you see the screenshot being taken. Your screenshot can then be found in a folder in the Gallery app unsurprisingly entitled “Screenshots”.


Customise your home screen

There’s actually quite a lot you can do to your home screen. To access the customisation menu, tap and hold on a blank area, and then switch between the Apps, Widgets, and Wallpapers tabs to pick what you want to add/change.

After you’ve populated the screen with app icons, you might want to organise them into folders. Tap and hold on the app you want to move, and drag it onto another app you want to group it with to put them both into a folder that you can name.

To change the shortcut icons for all your apps to whatever you wish, a long press on the icon – usually this lets you rearrange the icons, but just leave the one you want to change in its place – brings up the customisation palette. Tap on it to select from a range of LG’s generic templates. Or, you could make a new one altogether with a photo from your gallery that you can size however you want, ensuring your home screen is really one of a kind.

If you’re as obsessed with symmetry and organisation as we are, you can also resize certain widgets to fill up space. Performing a long press on these widgets enables edge sliders, which you can drag to make it your desired size.

To customise the home screen pages themselves, pinch on your home screen with two fingers to bring up another menu. Here you’ll be able to add new pages, move existing pages around by touching and holding them, or even delete them altogether. You can also select the specific page you want to come up when you tap the home button. There’s also the option of enabling LG’s Smart Bulletin page here.

Quick launch the camera from the lock screen

To do this on the LG G4, double press the volume down button from the lock or standby screen. You can even set it so the phone captures a photo instantly once it focuses too. It’s very helpful when a fleeting moment worth photographing comes along.

Alternatively, you could also launch the camera from the lock screen by swiping the camera icon in the bottom right corner to the left. If you find this feature doesn’t work for you, you might have to turn it on by going to Settings > General > Shortcut key.

Knock to wake up and sleep

Think having the power button on the back of the phone would be a problem if your phone is flat on the table, and you want a quick glance? A lot of people don’t know this, but you can actually wake the phone up just by knocking on it twice, letting you use it as per normal after.

It’s straightforward enough when the screen is off, but when you’re on the home screen, you can even lock the phone directly. Just knock twice on a blank space within the home screen, and your G4 will go right to sleep.

If your screen is already filled with icons, you don’t have to delete one just to have a space to knock on – just tap twice on the home screen area just above the fixed apps at the bottom. However, if you’re already in an app, the status bar on the top where the battery and battery icons are works just as well.

Uninstall apps

To get rid of apps you don’t want anymore, pull up your app browser, tap on the Menu icon in the top-right corner, and select “Edit/Uninstall apps”. Apps that can be uninstalled will then have a red X on them, and tapping that X will delete them from your phone. You could also delete apps one-by-one by long pressing on their icon, and dragging them to the uninstall box on the top left.