The hottest stuff of 2015


This clever tank lets you grow anything from plants and flowers, to reptiles and fish, while minimising the fuss. The Biopod is designed to take out all the hard work and hassle, thanks to its variety of in-built sensors which send off their data to the cloud, where it can be monitored, with adjustments made accordingly.

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Ariel Nomad

Performance figures will be high, because the engineers at Ariel have kept the chunky off-roader's weight down at the 700kg mark. A 2.4-litre Honda engine that develops around 200bhp also powers it. Last time we checked, 200bhp in a 700kg frame equals eye-popping pace.

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3DR Solo

The Solo is the first drone to offer complete control of the GoPro camera’s settings during each flight, saving you from having to land the drone each time you want to tweak things like the resolution or framerate.

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Ferrari 488 GTB

The 458 Italia was a truly special car but petrol-quaffing naturally aspirated V8 engines have fallen out of fashion and Ferrari has decided to clean up its act. But dry those eyes, because the twin-turbocharged 488 GTB looks set to be rather awesome in its own right.

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