The hottest stuff of 2015

Aston Martin Vulcan

It is real, but the upcoming Vulcan will be about as accessible as one of your virtual creations due to the fact that Aston will only build 24, each costing around £1.8 million and reserved only for the most exclusive and well respected collectors. 

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LittleBig bike

What starts off as a low-slung balance bike for teenies can have its bits flipped to make it a slightly taller balance bike for when they level up. And then, if they survive the many slings and arrows of sprog life, they can celebrate with the slotting in of an actual drivetrain.

S1 controller

The first thing you'll notice is the S1's smooth-looking walnut face. Apparently quality wood prevents sweaty palm nightmares during particularly vigorous gaming sessions. Also, let's face it, it looks sharp. No longer must you defile your living room with the puerile peripherals of years past.

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nanoblock x Nikon F

It may look like Lego but this Nanoblocks kit is anything but knock-off. With something like 1000 little plastic pieces to play with, this mock-up of Nikon’s first ever SLR is the perfect plaything for your photography downtime.

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