Guardian XO converts puny humans into a Hulk in minutes

A mobile and dexterous exoskeleton designed to boost employees’ physical capabilities by up to 20x...

Can one become a superhuman in minutes? Yes!

How exactly is that possible? Well, Delta Air Lines and Sarcos Robotics have worked together on a battery-powered exoskeleton robot that helps even puny humans lift up to 90kg weights repeatedly for up to 8 hours without any strain or fatigue. The suit is designed to boost human performance and endurance, while helping to prevent injury. The suit amplifies operator strength by 20x (max payload of up to 90kg), up to 45kg per arm or 23kg per arm when lifting at full extension.

● Is it easy on the human?

Because the XO supports natural, fluid, and intuitive movement, it requires relatively minimal operator training. The operator bears none of the exoskeleton load. It can be donned and doffed in just 30 seconds of basic use.

● What’s the operational period?

Onboard power source offers up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge. A hot-swappable battery design extends operational uptime and flexibility. An XO Pod docking station facilitates battery charging, operation and configurations for ease of transportation/shipping of the suit.

● Is it safe?

“Hands-free” mode allows the operator to lock the suit’s arms and simultaneously complete dexterous tasks requiring human hands, while carrying a heavy load. In the event of battery loss, or hardware or software issues, the suit prevents operator injury by “passive braking”. Highly responsive control system enables operator to fluidly execute fall-prevention motions such as stumble-recovery.

● Why and where is it needed?

The Guardian XO is designed for use in industries where lifting and manipulation of heavy materials or awkward objects is required and isn’t easily handled by standard lift equipment. Delta is the first company whose frontline employees have worked directly with Sarcos to determine potential operational uses for the Guardian XO. Potential uses could include handling freight at cargo warehouses, moving maintenance components, or lifting heavy machinery and parts for ground support equipment.