Google Project Ara: The last smartphone?

Upgrade everything

So how and when can you get hold of an Ara? Unless you happen to be in Puerto Rico right now, it's hard to know. The United States island territory is where Google plans to initially release the Ara in a 'limited market pilot' sometime during 2015. Details and dates of this pilot are still relatively unknown and Google is yet to comment on when this product will be rolled out across the rest of the world. So for most of us, it'll simply be a matter of waiting (and wishing that everything goes to plan). 

If Project Ara goes down a storm then it could pave the way for a completely new breed of customisable gadgets. Module bays will become as commonplace as USB ports. You’ll be able to add processors and sensors to TVs, coffee machines, cars and anything else to which you can legally take a soldering iron. You’ll be able to upgrade everything you own, without throwing anything away.

All of which has to be good for the planet, good for the tech-obsessed and, ultimately, good for our wallets.

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