Go Corona! UVC cases are the ultimate virus coroners…

Your best defence-in-a-box to deactivate the virus!

Repeat after us: Dear global pandemic, now that these UVC-enabled boxes are here to shield us, we ain’t afraid of you anymore!

As morbid as this foreign virus has made our lives, here’s a shining blue ray of hope (literally so) to ensure we’re killing the virus from the surface of objects of daily use. From finding life on Mars to struggling with the virus, we’re now looking at life from a new perspective since the past few months. 

To put things in the right ‘light’ for the uninitiated, UV-C light technology is a scientific method that requires the right amount of exposure of the objects to the UV light rays, and the radiation technology is now available in the consumer market to effectively cremate the virus’ DNA. An electric crematorium for the virus is definitely a novel idea since it made our otherwise high-flying lives confined to the four walls of home. 

So if you were considering fighting the fear by bringing one of these boxes home, let us help you choose the ideal candidate from the range of UV-C disinfectants currently in the market...


Philips UV-C Disinfection System (from ₹7,990)

You think of Signify, you perhaps first think of lighting. Well, this too is a process of killing viruses with the special UV-C light. This compact, microwave-looking box is designed by the lighting leader’s effort to provide a disinfecting solution in every household. From veggies and fruits to masks, keys, cellphones and laptops, its blue UV-C lights create an environment that deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that find their way onto the surface of objects of daily use. Available in three capacities – 10l, 15l and 30l, the technology used by Signify has got the backing of NEIDL at Boston University, that conclusively validates the inactivation of the virus that causes COVID-19. The process of disinfection takes anything between two and eight minutes, depending upon the size and it cuts off the light if the door is opened while the sterilisation process is going on. The Philips UV-C Disinfection System is a safe and solid contender in the game of virus-free, anxiety-free living. 

Buy the Philips UV-C Disinfection System from here

Godrej Security Solutions UV Case (from ₹8,500)

When it comes to sanitation and hygiene these days, we’re not taking any chances. And that’s why it is important to highlight the Central Scientific Instrument Organisation (CSIR) and CE

Conformity Certification for the sanitiser box Godrej Security Solutions wants you to bring home. Bringing UV-C light to secure your health by reducing transmission and dry killing over 65 families of pathogens, viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-1. The UVC lamps have a life of up to 11,000 hours and the chemical-free process is a safer way of sanitising everyday products. Giving just the right amount of exposure and ensuring zero leakage of UVC light, the UV Case is available in 20l (₹8500), 40l (₹13,999) and 54l (₹21,999) is versatile enough to be used at homes, as well as in hospitality, beauty, healthcare, leisure and retail spaces. It’s low maintenance, fuss-free and requires minimum cleaning. You can breathe easy, lay back and relax, coz your phones, tablets and keys are germ-free.  

Order the Godrej Security Solutions UV Case here

Voltas UV Cart System (from ₹1,00,000)

Investing in this UV powered disinfecting system would make sense for larger spaces it’s meant for… the likes of offices, malls, waiting rooms! Constant cleaning of surfaces is now a matter of habit… and why not? The UV Cart System by Voltas is designed to deliver high germicidal intensity, adequate to sanitise large areas and inactivate the micro-organisms in a short time. In Ridley Scott’s Matchstick Men, Nicolas Cage opens and closes the door three times before leaving his apartment, Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets is an equally debilitating case of O.C.D. Do you see where we’re going? If you too are obsessive about having everything in your immediate environment free of bacteria and viruses, invest in the UV Cart System so everything from floors to walls and ceilings is disinfected and remain in a safe zone. 

Get more details about the Voltas UV Cart System here

Orient UV Sanitech (₹11,999)

It’s time to ‘not’  think outside the box, since these box-shaped sanitisation devices are currently your best defence against an internationally infamous virus. This 34l box, like its contemporaries claims to disinfect surfaces, kills viruses including the big C virus, bacteria and fungi from daily objects like mobile phones, keys, masks, shoes, groceries, etc. in four minutes flat. The only top loading option on our list today, Orient's UV Sanitech houses two UVC lamps of 11W in a robust metallic body. The lamps emit UVC germicidal irradiation to effectively do the job. See, you don’t have to hire a hitman to do the dirty job of killing the virus. Bring a box home. Believe us, this one’s totally legal!

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Godrej ViroShield 4.0 (₹9,490)

The Godrej ViroShield 4.0’s initial appearance reminds you of their mini-fridge by the name of Qube. But this one serves a greater purpose. The ViroShield is a UV-C based device that’s meant to disinfect by neutralising bacteria and viruses within two to six minutes. Safe and hygienic, it provides a 360° coverage to the objects inside, uses 4 UV-C tubes (hence the nomenclature, perhaps), and has six side reflective surfaces, to back their claim of giving the highest capacity disinfection by providing uniform dissemination of the UV-C rays. And its 30l capacity will let you toss in your wallet, keys, groceries, and more all together. In a maximum of six minutes, they’ll come out as clear as Doris Day’s greatest hits remastered tracks.  

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