Geek Project: Helmet Bling

You’ve got your hands on a new helmet and it looks fabulous. But wait, it’s not all done until you give it the Lightmode treatment. We tell you how...

As fun as avoiding potholes on highways is, it just can't match up to the feeling of lowly pedestrians staring while you roar by on your superbike. 

But having a good-looking bike doesn't mean you can skimp on pimping out your riding gear as well. Here's a project that shows how you can dazzle your helmet with one of Lightmode's kits, which let you attach glowing strips to your helmet.


** Main image credit: LightMode

Spread that...

Step one: log onto and buy a kit.

Once it's arrived and you're ready to get your hands dirty, sip a cold one, keep some sandwiches handy and get to work. The LightMode kit we'd recommend is the $69 (about 4,600) Electron, which comprises both the El wire and the EL tape. The process requires spades of patience but, on the plus side, it never gets boring. And the end result will make sure you’re noticed wherever you ride. Right. Shall we?

You can choose to attach the EL strip first, or after you have attached your EL wire onto the helmet. Decide where you'd like to place it, carefully peel off the protective tape, go ahead and, well, stick it on. Bear in mind that this tape doesn’t go over contours or the EL wire, so don’t be over-ambitious with your placement.


Channel your inner artist!

Now it is time to chart out the desired design in your head, and transfer it onto your helmet. Make use of the 3 metres of design string provided in the pack to experiment with the placement, and use the PVC mounting stickers to hold it in place. Tricky, but worth the effort – the string will serve as your guideline when you later replace it with the EL wire.

At this point, it might appear as though your helmet is in the ER, but don’t worry – there’s awesomeness ahead. Keep at it and tweak your design till it’s how you like it. Then twist it some more and change your mind as often as you’d like at this stage. It would be best to invest most time here to get the design right, before you start to glue on the actual EL wire.

Walk the wire now

The length of the EL wire and the design string is exactly the same (3 metres) and that is a very good thing. Because now you need to carefully peel the PVC mounting stickers off the string and start replacing it with the EL wire. Make sure you do so very, very carefully – once the EL wire is glued on, there is no going back.

Lightmode provides the glue and the fastener in the kit. Dab drops of glue under the EL wire and press on, so they stick nice and proper. Yes, it’s a no-brainer, but keep a steady hand and go slow. Add a drop of the fastener to quicken the process.


If you’ve been patient and careful, you’ll end up with a helmet looking as, or even more gorgeous, as the one here. The kit lets you choose between three flash modes that you can toggle via the given controller. Just make sure you buy at least a litre-class superbike to go with the look. Makes sense, right?


** Photos by: Yatish Suvarna