Four of the coolest features coming to Uber in India

You can now use Uber without the app - your mom is going to love this

Last year Uber revamped its application and we absolutely loved the added new features and tricks that came with it. But wait till you hear about the ones coming to India - better yet, wait till your mom hears about them.

Uber is bringing more to the table this time around by introducing new features that will make it easier for even a monkey to get a cab. Offline searching, a website portal, calling an Uber for someone else and the best ever yet, ‘call to ride'.

What are these features, how to use them and when will they be out? Read on fellow traveller.


1) Book an Uber from your web browser

Uber knows that the majority of Indian users lack a proper smartphone (in spite of being the second largest market for one). So, for the people with potato phones, there is a light web-based version of Uber -

How it works:

As mentioned earlier, it’s a light version of the Uber app on your browser and basically runs the same way.

You open the link > enter your destination > login with your Uber ID > Voila!

Availability: Starting today

2) No app, no browser, no problem! Just ‘call’ an Uber.


Got a potato burner phone with no apps or browser? No problem. Based on machine learning and all the relevant data, Uber is going to place physical sign boards across important landmarks throughout the city with a phone number and an area code.

How it works:

Simply call the nationwide number and enter the numeric code displayed on the signage and you’ll have an Uber at that very spot. We’ve seen it in action, it works! You’ll get text updates of your driver along with other details.

Call the nationwide number > enter numeric area code > done

Availability: Currently under test in Pune city

3) It’ll search for a location in a no signal elevator too

Uber will automatically detect any network dips and still help you search the correct location. In real world practice this means you don’t have to wait outside the lift to call for an Uber. It works by caching the top points of interest around the city based on previous searches.

How it works:

The feature will automatically work if there’s a dip in the internet connectivity.

Availability: It will be coming in the next few weeks

4) Call for an Uber for your mom in one single step

Explaining to our technologically handicapped parents how to call an Uber can lead to depression and mild hallucinations. Thankfully Uber has now made it easier to do that. Soon as you tap on ‘where to’, you will have an option to choose who is riding. Best part, your mom doesn’t need to have the Uber app. She will get text messages about the driver details.

How it works:

Tap on ‘Where to’ > choose who is riding above the pickup location > the rider will receive trip information like ETA, car type and driver contact details via SMS > the driver will get the rider’s name and contact info as well > either pay by the app owners card or rider can give cash.

Availability: Will roll out in the coming weeks